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0905-0911 North American box office "Captain Sally" won the $35 million 500 thousand Sohu entertainment page first: "Captain Sally" 0905-0911 North American box office of $35 million 500 thousand 0905-0911 won the North American box office "Captain Sally" Sully, a $35 million 500 thousand Sohu won the entertainment news (Wen Da Zi) last weekend, the North American film market a total of four new movie release, but three reputation are miserable look to bear, but Clint Eastwood’s "Captain Sally" did not disappoint, the three day opening weekend with $35 million 500 thousand won the North American weekend box office. This movie, also let the two winner Oscar shine, is expected to impact this year’s Oscar Award for best actor. The film in the North American Film Critics there also got rave reviews, rotten tomatoes website statistics praise rate reached 84%, basically confirmed it had already reached the awards season. SONY film company produced when the broken branches, although the reputation fell to 0%, but in the shadow of the overall situation in the city, or barely $15 million box office support in the box office runner up position. SONY’s other work, holding his breath, continues to be sought after, to second weeks to increase the number of theaters in the past week, the weekend harvest $8 million 210 thousand, ranked third, the total domestic box office has reached $66 million 830 thousand. This is the year following the "2" and "the lights off", and a discussion of the horror movie. Relative to the "Captain Sally" and "when the tree breaks," the other two new small film was completely submerged. Lions Gate Films abandoned the treatment of the animated cartoon "wild life", after the release of 2493 theaters in the United States, the weekend to recover only $3 million 400 thousand, ranking fifth. Some foreign media believe that the production of extremely rough animation film, can be rushed to the box office before ten have to thank god. Indeed, the "escape" in the "burst red Wentworth" Wentworth Miller personally wrote "desperate" room, "than the" wild life "much despair. The film critic in North America where the favorable rate is a capital of 0%, three days over the weekend with only $1 million 400 thousand ranked seventeenth, even before ten did not enter, basically has been abandoned fans. Wentworth Miller – screenwriter before field performance is not too bad, "Storck", although not a hit, but also not to fall so far. It should return to the old Wentworth is regaining popularity — restart version "escape" will be little hope. On Friday, the film "Captain Sally" heroism in North America really popular, on Friday the day he reaped $12 million 200 thousand, rushed to the box office first, the average single room revenue of $3462. The film was a box office climax on Sunday, eventually locked the victory. Some foreign media analysts believe that the film on Sunday and the day — in fact, hot Sunday coincides with the "9? 11" terrorist incident 16 anniversary, the rescue of passengers in distress around work, aroused a lot of audience. According to the forecast of the North American box office statistics agency, it has more excellent performance at the box office in the next two weeks. Sally +相关的主题文章: