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11 year old boy stole hair nearly a million "WeChat red" to buy the equipment –IT– Mobile Games people.com.cn original title: 11 year old boy stole hair nearly a million "WeChat red" to buy Mobile Games equipment in the National Day holiday, Lintong District of Xi’an City, Ms. Wu had a trouble: the husband of WeChat payment password is 11 year old son. Then, in less than three days, the son of a nearly million "red envelopes", all bought Mobile Games equipment. WeChat paid less than ten thousand yuan to find bank cards, said Ms. Wu, October 5th morning, her husband because of physical discomfort to the hospital. When he found no wallet, he wanted to pay with WeChat. Who knows it was found recently WeChat red envelopes sent out a lot is 200 yuan each. He is very puzzled: these days did not send a red envelope ah? Then Wu husband through a bank inquiry, that the bank card binding on WeChat less 9200 yuan. Later, Ms. Wu read her husband WeChat red details, found from 9 am on October 3rd to nearly midnight on the morning of 5, issued a total of $200 per $4, a total of $9400, but all the hair to his son’s cell phone. The husband said he only gave his son had a 20 dollars of red envelopes, if it is a son quietly took his father’s cell phone to their own red envelopes, it also has to pay the password WeChat ah?" Wu said, may be too much hair, his son received a red envelope missing, second days have a red envelope returned to the $200." Wu immediately find the son of grade six asked, he admitted his actions, saying he was playing a mobile phone online game every day Hyun bucket, money is to buy equipment inside. On the morning of October 3rd, he let his father used his cell phone to send his own 20 dollars of WeChat red envelopes, sent, he quietly watched the father of the WeChat payment password…… Wu female morale does not hit a place, hit his son a meal. Yesterday afternoon, the China Daily reporter saw the phone WeChat transaction details, found that a large part of the money is in the morning 1 to the time of 3 and turn out at about 6, there is a part of the operation at noon. Ms. Wu said helplessly, "you look at these times, not at night to sleep, that is, when the lunch break". Parents: why do not set the age threshold online Wu said that he is now taking their own money, this is going to grow up in order to get the other people’s money online how to do? She said that children addicted to online games, mainly parents did not fulfill the regulatory responsibility, but the development of software companies have no responsibility? Why not set the age threshold? Such a small child to play online games, but also to spend such a high cost, there is no unit to monitor it? Yesterday afternoon, Ms. Wu’s son told reporters that he was playing the game from the beginning of grade four, with the number QQ login on the line, many of his classmates are playing. The first is not the money, then needs to upgrade the equipment for the game to pass through, he spent 8900 yuan to buy equipment to recharge, he also knows with dad’s money. Look at the side of the mother is still angry, he whispered: "never play again……" > > lawyer users sued online companies currently refund request may not be supported on)相关的主题文章: