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"2" start ceremony of Apostle Walker Walker was born first attention "apostle Walker 2" first Debut Trailer explosion! Michael Miu Shiu Hung Hui Moses Chan interpretation of Infernal Affairs Tencent entertainment news 2016 China International Film and TV show in August 25th in Beijing Exhibition Center opened, Television Broad-casts Limited (TVB) to participate in this event, the main venue of the grand debut, to the mainland audience TVB introduced the latest production. For the occasion, TVB led a star actor on the same day (day 25) afternoon at the Beijing exhibition hall TVB booth (hall 2 hall 2 – 8), in addition to held a press conference to campaign for the drama publicity, TVB also announced a series of business projects start with Penguin movie, and held the "2 acts" start Li Walker was born, the first play "2" the Apostle Walker announcement. In addition, the Tencent broadcast live activities for today’s event, so that the audience can see the content of the press conference at any time and place through Tencent video. TVB take this important flat 2016 Chinese International Film and TV propaganda show multiple sets of TVB latest TV drama, as well as TVB and CO produced "Penguin Movie 2" apostle walker, the main actors of the show were at the scene to support this event. In the end of five TVB from the annual drama "behind the scenes" game player, "hero", "city village", "deadly ship II" Resurrection "and from the" meow star you, master of ceremonies and our song g immediately announced TVB and Penguin film the two giants will launch a series of strategic business projects two, master of ceremonies (programming and production) invited Television Broad-casts Limited deputy general manager Mr. Du Zhike, together with the vice president of penguin television Mr. Han Zhijie introduced the cooperation plan for the friends of the media. On the table, the three leaders talk about the direction of cooperation, expectations, etc.. Among them, Mr. Du Zhike especially announced "2" for the Apostle walker is the first gun cooperation plan. For the grand occasion, the General Assembly held a simple and grand ceremony for the opening of the 2 Apostles, the birth of the birth ceremony kicked off. "The traveler" during the broadcast by fans around the pursuit to the story and play of the people find their undercover story, the climax of the effort to show and won the audience favorite, more broken million online hits a record of success in the mainland, the limelight without the two, became one of the classic Hong kong. "The Apostle 2" with the "apostle" as the basis for the production of a new story, the play will also be broadcast in the Tencent video network. As for the media friends know more about its production, the first conference play its first promotional video, invited to play the main actor Michael Miu, Moses Chan, Shiu Hung Hui, Benjamin Yuen, Huang Cuiru, Pakho Chau, and producer Mr. Su Wancong, Mr. Ye Tiancheng, editor of penguin television self-made drama film Mr. Zhang Meng first disclosed the drip. Michael Miu is very glad to participate in the "2" Walker performances; Moses Chan in the drama played less the interpretation of the group leader, I hope the audience can see him on the other side; Benjamin Yuen, Huang Cuiru, Pakho Chau is a member of the new times as "apostle Walker" joined the team, said I’m looking forward to the next shot; Shiu Hung Hui in "the Apostle Walker played" community leader happy brother loved by the audience, once in "TVB anniversary awards" in Hong Kong audience!相关的主题文章: