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41 year old Vivian Hsu admit to second child but was refused husband Sina entertainment news on September 14th, Vivian Hsu attended the book [micro-blog] "my head planted life from 14 to 40 woman girl, steel V brave notes" press conference, one year old son Dalton with small flowers to her mother’s appearance, no flash of the media scene stage fright, frequently happy clap. Vivian Hsu shared by the mother, talk to the son had not due to premature birth, arterial catheter sealing, almost required surgery, she couldn’t help crying: "Dalton is really brave!" She’s too love children, want to have a second husband but was refused, laughed and said: "we have three children, need time to take care of, a little later." Dalton was born, the doctor to Vivian Hsu until 28 weeks of pregnancy, she just until 32 weeks, but Dalton was born in the ICU, weighing only 1960 grams, because no arterial catheter sealing, almost to the knife, but on the day before, found his ductus closed, let his little the body removed from surgery pain, Vivian Hsu think this experience excited tears collapse, she said: "Dalton personality like me, what difficulties are very strong, many now Dalton stature and weight than the same age, not premature." Vivian Hsu said, Dalton good learning ability, quickly learn to walk, learn her husband with the hockey stick to play, the husband also bought a set of hockey equipment at home, Vivian Hsu will let Dalton go to school, learning and sharing of people of the same age, she said, the last to take Dalton to Alyssa Chia and [micro-blog] and the daughter does not does not meet, she does not hold does not, Dalton immediately jealous, biezui, crying, or even pull the arm does not does not want to let her down, Vivian Hsu quite shocked. Vivian Hsu was pregnant with Dalton in child custody for 142 days, eating and sleeping are spent in bed, she exposes, because of strong self-esteem, no urine urine was used for the first time, her own gas to tears, she smiled and said: "practice, I will write and draw freely as one wishes!" Vivian Hsu due to serious lack of care for his son’s sleep, often palpitations, urticaria attack, she will focus on the family in the near future, the current will only shoot magazines, advertising and other work, drama or film is expected next year before. (Sina entertainment Taiwan station, the forest Yiyun (map): commissioning editor Bai Ling sina.com.cn) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: