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46%or5.5%? What are the reliable probability the Lakers broke experts the Lakers can make the playoffs that sina sports news Beijing on November 11th news, according to the authoritative media reports, the Losangeles Lakers this season is shocking, they start to play a 4 – 4 record, experts from the history of probability, the probability of 46% of the Lakers in the playoffs. The Lakers made a shocking start, 4 wins and 4 negative results although only ranked ninth in the west, but the 50% are real. Can the Lakers really hit the playoffs? In view of the 2011-12 season, planing to shut down, in the past 11 seasons, a total of 63 teams start 4 wins and 4 losses, including 29 teams into the playoffs, the playoffs and stable bottom line is 48 wins — start 4 wins and 4 losses in the team, who have won 48 games, all entered the final the playoffs. But the problem is that the history of the previous season less than 30 wins of the team, the chance to enter the playoffs the year after only about 30%. But the Lakers can find confidence from the bucks in the 2014-15 season, the Bucks had only 15 wins a season, but this season they won the top 41, into the playoffs. Most of the predictions are not optimistic about the lakers. Basketball strength index (BPI) shows the probability of the playoffs is 5.5%, and the probability of lottery top three is 14.9%; another CARM-Elo data model is that the probability of the Lakers is the 8% playoff. The Lakers may play a super level. Randall’s first two shooting the ball from the 43.6% jumped to 62.2%, an increase of 18.6%, which is from the 1979-80 season set from three, an increase of at least 250 shot two ball players in one of the largest; and Randall within 2 feet of the basket hit rate from 56.8% last season to 82.9%, which is obviously not normal — last season no one within 2 feet of a ball player in 100 shots hit rate reached 80%. The Lakers’ defense against the three points is fantastic. Opponents face the Lakers two point hit rate is 55.1%, the highest for the league, but the ball hit only 29.8% points, is the league’s low of second, which is unlikely to continue. But the Lakers can still be happy. Before the start of the season, BPI think the Lakers can win 33 games, CARM-Elo think the Lakers can win 31 games, it seems that the Lakers will exceed these expectations. (goo DA)相关的主题文章: