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Domain-Names So your ready to start selling domain names in your portfolio, I am going to show you exactly how to sell your domains with the highest turn over rate, sale price, and in the shortest amount of time. This strategy will work regardless if you are trying to sell one or one thousand domain names. The key here is to receive as much exposure as possible to our domain names that we wish to sell. The domain name rush is on, in the last year my domain sales increased by 45% and my average sale price increased by 33% from the previous year. I have been able to maintain an average sale price of $455 and an average of a one month turn around time per domain name. I have created a process from the point of acquisition to the sale of the domain name and it can be .pleted in a few simple steps. I have also created a simple listing system for you to sell your names that is far less costly and will be the preferred method when you are not in a rush to sell your domain names or have a massive portfolio. If you end up with a massive portfolio, you might want to weed out the most valuable domain names and go with the first process on those. eBay Account – preferably with a store Step 1. Ask yourself a few simple questions about the domain name, does it have a Google pagerank? does it have an Alexa rank? is it easy to remember and easily brandable? Is there a large target market for this type of domain name? If you answered yes to all of those questions you will most likely want to get an appraisal done first before listing your domain name. This can be done at SEDO, TDNAM, AfterNIC, DomainSystems, and a free one can be recieved from swiftappraisal.. but this one will not be very accurate and tends to be overpriced. If you do receive an appraisal than be sure to include that in the following steps when listing your domain name for sale. Step 2. Add your domain name to your DigiPawn account and see if they will buy the name directly from you, this will save a lot of time if you can sell it quickly. Otherwise see if you can have it sold under consignment on their site. If they will not buy it directly from you, continue on to the next steps even if you consign it. Step 3. Add domain name to your SEDO portfolio and do not set a price, leave that option blank, unless you received an appraisal and the value is acceptable to you. Next fill out the corresponding categories for the domain name and point your name servers from your domain name registrar to that of SEDO’s nameservers. SEDO will automatically optizmise settings and advertisements for your domain name (parking) and you will be able to see the amount of traffic the domain is recieving daily and monthly. This will also help our potential buyers see what they can expect. If your domain name is not receiving good traffic you might want to park the domain name with Domain Sponsor and you will receive visitors from other sales venues looking at your domain and get paid. Step 4. Create a Seven/Ten day eBay auction listing for your domain name, if your domain name has a pagerank, alexa ranking, search engine indexed pages, or sites linking in make sure you include this in your eBay listing. This information can be located at LinkWorth under their tools section. It is also a good idea to get a free Swift Appraisal and include this information in your listing. If you are successful on eBay than you need not go any further, and congratulations. If your sale is not a success and you received a good amount of bids, or received lots of questions about your auction you may want to go ahead and re-list your auction. If you are not successful again, or you would rather not re-list it, than put the domain name auction in your eBay store. Continue onto the next steps. Step 4. Add your domain name to your AfterNIC portfolio, ImpressiveDomains, DomainSystems, TDNAM, GreatDomains, and DomainMart accounts. Be consistent with your descriptions. Step 5. Use your free LinkAdage, DNForum, and NamesPro accounts to post a free listing on their forums about your domain name(s) for sale. That’s it! You should be highly successful as long as you price your domain names reasonably and answer questions related to your domain names. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: