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51wan "JX 2" interview with the feelings of the main policy to the second half of this year in Mobile Games and Webpage Game JX IP circles frequently appeared in adventure, and every game is very high-profile publicity, recently the beta 51wan "JX 2" version "is one of them. From a not far from the public eye Classic Tour "sword net 2" adapted to fight both feelings but also to seize the young card game player, the Webpage Game from the position at the beginning of presumably on the face of many contradictions and challenges, and so far, we can see that it’s performance is also good. Today we have the honor to come to the game’s main planning wing wing, and we talk about the design of the game generated ideas and ideas. 51wan "JX 2" version of "jxqy.51wan 51wan’s official website:" JX 2 "version of the" master plan [] reporter Yu Rong: please introduce 51wan "JX 2" version "of the game. Yu Rong: 51wan "2" version of "JX Xishanju licensed a Webpage Game game, adapted from the end of the tour" sword net 2 ", the story is mainly to foster the overcast days teach his Liao snatch martial arts, the country nation diagram pieces, our hero will have to compete against them, maintaining the peace of martial arts. The game follows the classic 2.5D style, style aesthetic, and real-time combat system and PvP activities of the play is also very strong. [reporter]: R & D team is holding what attitude adaptation of the "sword net 2"? Yu Rong: R & D team in the majority of the people have played for a lot of Jian Wang Jian Wang 2, 2 story are very profound, the people of our age, there is a sword arena martial arts dream, so do they seek to restore, whether it is the story of the scene, or some of the classic play method. But we’re not just a copy of the game, it will be very fun, we want to game player here, both the old feelings, there is also a new passion, so that the game player will have new memories, this is what we want to do for the game player. We don’t want to tell how much we like the game player "sword net 2", if the game player feel fun, willing to explore, so I believe they will find our intentions. [reporter]: the biggest difficulties encountered in the development process? In the end how to solve? Yu Rong: research and development will encounter a lot of problems. Starting from the project, we want to do a what kind of game is a problem that has been bickering, what is more conservative to restore "sword net 2", or adventure creation based on their feelings? In fact, no matter what, all want the game player, we have to do is put the game player want something done, so there are now a swordsman. We strive to do the best martial arts, art is very harsh, demanding resources, technology is also fighting day and night in order to have such a smooth effect, there are many other problems I do not list. There are many kinds of methods to solve the matter, after all, we only have a team spirit, Our wills unite like a fortress.! 51wan "JX 2" interview with the main policy [reporter]: feelings to risk our research and development.相关的主题文章: