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if Google cheap Pixel phone release, the hardware configuration will be much lower than the next generation of Pixel 2, the price will be much cheaper.


has been on the market for three months, Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are still in short supply. In particular, Pixel XL is still in the Google Google Play official store is out of stock status.

, however, this does not hinder the Internet continue to appear on the next generation Pixel 2 new flagship news, in addition to the design and performance of a new upgrade, there is news that Google will launch a version of the Pixel reduction in the low-end products in different regions.

According to

news from 9to5google, Google’s new machine Pixel 2B has been in the test code, if this product is released, so in the hardware configuration will be far lower than that of the next generation of Pixel 2, and the price is cheaper. The Pixel 2B will be mainly for emerging markets to sell. However, the report did not mention more hardware configuration and pricing details on Pixel 2B.

sounds like this Pixel 2B seems to be like the previous Android, are designed specifically for the new market to build low-end Android smartphones. The main feature of the Android One platform is to ensure that the first time to update the speed as much as possible to reduce the price of the product, for more users. The recent news that Google’s Android One will likely debut this year, the U.S. market, and whether the Pixel 2B will use Android One platform, the current situation is not sure.


report also said that the ordinary version of the flagship Pixel 2 is currently testing two different versions of the processor is Qualcomm and Intel, respectively, at the same time will be improved in the camera, to further enhance the ability to shoot in low light environment.

in addition, 9to5google also said the new generation of Pixel 2 will be in the price than the first generation Pixel expensive $50, but if you can improve in some properties and characteristics of it, then the price rose slightly is acceptable, but exactly what will be the performance, we also need to wait patiently.