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April Birdies Posted By: Jean Woods They’re here, they’re here. Finally, well it seems like forever, some of my migrating feathered friends have returned to their favorite bird feeders, at least to my favorite bird feeders. The youngest pair of evening grosbeaks were the first to return. I find this interesting because they were the last to leave by several weeks. They brought a friend whom I have never seen before, a variegated thrush. A few days later the rest of the grosbeak flock landed. They are still some of my favorite birds with their bright colors and high pitched whistles. Some of them will even talk back to me if I get the notes right. Unfortunately along with the song birds come the darn bears so in order to save my beautiful bird feeders from destruction I must bring them in at night. Friday the dogs announced the first influx of bears I ran out and harvested the wooden bird feeders but left one of the less expensive ones out as an experiment. Yep, next day it had bear all over it. Well not really but it had been grabbed and tweaked just enough so that the evidence of large varmint was recognizable.Decorative Birdbath Fountains Feeders Houses Wild Bird Feeder Glass Hummingbird Feeder Decorative Birdbath Fountains Is Spring Here? Posted By: Jean Woods Well it’s spring, in some parts of the country anyway, around here winter is truly just beginning. Last week my robin returned, only to be buried in 4 feet of snow. The poor thing. I have a wooden bird feeder on a pole and it literally had three feet of snow on its roof. This robin always seems to bring the first major snow storm of the New Year. He doesn’t like the birdhouses but he will eat at the platform birdfeeder. I haven’t seen him since the storm, but I am fairly sure he is still around, in fact now that I think about it, he yelled at me tonight as I came home from work, better remember to fill the feeders. Remember the cartoon where the little bird Woodstock ice skates on his frozen bird bath? It looked just like that around here when the power went out for a few days and the birdbath froze solid. Does anyone know why birdie feet don’t freeze? Anyway, I guess that my long spell with no garden visitors is finally over, even if spring is here in theory only, many of my regulars are back.Decorative Birdbath Fountains Feeders Houses Wild Bird Feeder Glass Hummingbird Feeder Decorative Birdbath Fountains January Birdies Posted By: Jean Woods Wow! It seems that our friends in Canada decided we had it much too easy and they sent us some of their cold weather via the Alberta Clipper, okay you can stop now. For those of you in Minnesota you know what I mean, but believe me for those in California, even in the Sierra’s it just rarely ever gets this cold. Does anyone make a fully insulated bird house with forced air heat? I am sure my friends could use one right about now. The bird population is still low around here, so low in fact, that a fellow bird enthusiast asked me if I had stolen her crowd. I assured her that my bird houses were empty, even the fancy decorative birdhouses and my bird feeders weren’t but I was starting to see and hear a few more feathered friends around the yard. Even just this morning when the temperature was up to a balmy 15 degrees Fahrenheit (well just a few days ago -15 and lower greeted us with the sunrise) I heard some extra twitterings in the trees.Decorative Birdbath Fountains Feeders Houses Wild Bird Feeder Glass Hummingbird Feeder Decorative Birdbath Fountains The Bears Have Finally Gone To Bed! Posted By: Jean Woods Well the bears have finally gone to bed, and I hope the raccoons, I don’t exactly know what they do for the winter, seems they go away for awhile. The squirrels and the bunnies are still rooting around but not for long. There is too much snow for them to go food hunting. So they will go to bed soon. It’s time to put out my pretty new wooden bird feeders that I found under the Christmas tree. I generally feed a song bird mix that has bits of dried fruit and nuts as well as a variety of seeds. Around here it’s often called bear food because it is absolutely the perfect winter blend. Well the bears also like clif bars and if left in cars are worthy of a break in. For the winter I add a suet mix for extra warmth and energy, the woodpeckers really love suet. One of my new decorative birdfeeders has an extra little section just for suet it’s a great idea.Decorative Birdbath Fountains Feeders Houses Wild Bird Feeder Glass Hummingbird Feeder Decorative Birdbath Fountains Where Have The Birds Gone? Posted By: Jean Woods Oh my goodness, after all my begging for new decorative birdhouses I need to take the Christmas Tree outside and plant it in the snow fully stocked with some of the most beautiful housing for my garden residents and visitors. The only problem is all my birds have disappeared and I don’t know where they went. I have filled the ornamental birdfeeders with the most tempting bird food. They stay full, no one visits, and it’s so lonely. I can hear them though, rather distant, talking to each other, finding the other areas of food in the neighborhood. The last time this happened we had a red tailed hawk move in so no one felt safe. Eventually she left and everyone came back. But I have no indication of predatory birds and no one around has cats, I miss my birdies. The raccoons have wandered off and the bears have finally gone into some sort of hibernation, so I can leave the birdfeeders out without worrying about the marauders. I guess it’s time to really work on attracting the little ones back again.Decorative Birdbath Fountains Feeders Houses Wild Bird Feeder Glass Hummingbird Feeder Decorative Birdbath Fountains Oh My Goodness Here It Is….. Posted By: Jean Woods Oh my goodness here it is, the holiday season arrives, Christmas is just around the corner and I’m so glad I’m not a turkey! The raccoons have been in the garden, we have renamed them the terrorists. I have no surviving birdhouses or birdfeeders left, luckily there is still so much natural food around no one is going hungry. There is actually a good side to the loss of all my wonderful decorative birdfeeders, I get to get new ones, how fun! Not only that, but when friends ask what I want for Christmas I have something concrete to tell them. Get me some brand new, fabulous, decorative birdfeeders, in any size, design or color for big birds and little birds, please. I get to remodel the yard. Well maybe it’s more like urban renewal than remodeling. Luckily I managed to get all the bird baths put away for the winter before the terrorists came through. The pond is still available and they play in that, I get to listen to the dog grumble at them for most of the night. I have to admit I would rather have the terrorists than the local bears.Decorative Birdbath Fountains Feeders Houses Wild Bird Feeder Glass Hummingbird Feeder Decorative Birdbath Fountains Fall Birdies Posted By: Jean Woods Wow, it’s gotten cold around here in a hurry. Maybe the grosbeaks had it right. The whole flock left about a month early. All of a sudden the wooden bird feeders still have food in them by the time the sun goes down and there are no bright yellow clowns in my garden fountain, I am so sad. I miss their silliness. For some reason, they left behind one single pair of fledglings born this year. I have no idea why. They looked lonely sitting on one of the ornamental bird feeders. They stayed for an extra 2 weeks but now they are gone too. So now that everyone is gone I have clean up the yard. It’s time to put away the decorative bird feeders, well, except two for the winter birds. They get cranky if the seed runs out. I keep the 2 sturdiest wooden bird feeders full for them. If I can I take them down I will put a fresh seal of non-toxic wood sealer. But as always I will have to replace a few bird feeders if only because I want a new look or a different ornamental bird feeder.Decorative Birdbath Fountains Feeders Houses Wild Bird Feeder Glass Hummingbird Feeders Decorative Birdbath Fountains We’re Flying! Posted By: Jean Woods This is the fourth summer that the same flock of grosbeaks has visited my yard. They don’t move into the decorative bird houses because they live 200ft up in the pine trees and I don’t have a ladder that tall. They do however, come several times daily (read constantly) to feed at the wooden birdfeeders and to drink and swim in the garden birdbath fountain. This little flock was about 22 strong when they came back this spring, I am guessing we have more than 40 now. There about 12 individual fledglings that I can recognize at the birdfeeders. Most of them are evening grosbeaks colored with bright white, black and yellow chevrons but a couple are some strange mix. I get a great chance to observe them as they come in for meals at the windmill bird feeder, they love the wide platform since they are fairly large and sturdy birds. The babies are almost full grown and eating up a storm getting ready for their migration to Mexico (I think). The funny colored mama has hatched 3 kids and I can tell they are hers by their odd feather patterns.Decorative Birdbath Fountains Feeders Houses Wild Bird Feeder Glass Hummingbird Feeder Decorative Birdbath Fountains Danger In The Garden Posted By: Jean Woods I love my summer visitors to all the decorative birdhouses I have in the yard. The winter and year round residents don’t seem to nest in the bird houses too much but rather in the trees. They do however, come down to the wooden bird feeders and garden birdbath fountain I keep ready for them. I find every one has their own personality with some being braver than others. The chickadees seem to be the first line of defense, they have a very specific warning call. If I am in the house and I hear it I go out expecting to chase the neighbor’s cat away. Of course they yell at me sometimes if I get to close but mostly they put up with me. In setting up my bird friendly garden I tried to think of all the obvious dangers to my visiting friends. The bird feeders are out in the open where the cats have no where to hide but close enough to the trees so that they can quickly flee if predatory birds show up.Decorative Birdbath Fountains Feeders Houses Wild Bird Feeder Glass Hummingbird Feeder Decorative Birdbath Fountains Fledglings Posted By: Jean Woods The birds who live in my decorative birdhouses are glad that horrible hot streak has cooled down, I know I am. It is fledgling season around here. This might be my favorite part of the summer. The garden birdbath fountain is full of colorful babies just learning how to swim and fly. I find it interesting that they seem to be larger than their parents. The baby Stellar’s Jays are hysterical at the bird house feeders and they keep falling into the water fountain. For some reason their little topknots don’t work yet and I laugh at them for having bad hair (feather) days. It really is the only way I can tell this year’s crop of babies from the adults. I also have a huge flock of evening gross beaks that call my yard home. They don’t live in any of the wooden bird houses because they like to live 200 ft up in the tops of the local conifers. But they feed at the decorative feeders 6 or 7 at a time and swim in the garden fountain and birdbath. The dads are beautifully colored with white, grey, black and touches of bright yellow.Decorative Birdbath Fountains Feeders Houses Wild Bird Feeder Glass Hummingbird Feeder Decorative Birdbath Fountains The Chickadees Rental War Posted By: Jean Woods decorative birdbath fountains feeders houses wild bird feeder glass hummingbird feeder decorative birdbath fountains 相关的主题文章: