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Computers-and-Technology In a layman’s language Transport is the medium to commute from one place to another. There are various means of transportation ie via road, air, sea, water. Road transportation is the most common mode of transportation. While in case of hospitals, transportation is most critical. The patients needs to be urgently transported from one place to another, any delay can endanger the patient’s life. Suppose a emergency situation arises and someone needs to call the ambulance urgently. You need to call the ambulance or any transport providers and what if it is not available. Here the need of an E-transport Software arises. A E-transport is a software that manages the record of various transport providers across towns/states that are stored in a database. An e-transport software makes the tasks of contacting a transport service much easier in case of a emergency situation like a relocating a patient from one hospital to another. Mindfire Solutions, one of the leading software development and IT consulting company in India has deep expertise and experience in developing such transport and logistics management softwares. One of such project is discussed below. We developed a software solution called as the E-Transport System for one of our client. The client had an application which manages records of various transport providers across towns/states stored in a database. They could arrange transport providers for patients according to the availability of the provider and the preference of the user. Due to certain inconvenience, the client aimed at enhancing the features and functionalities of its existing application to better manage patients transport between different transport companies. The application to be developed required certain technical improvements to be implemented in order to effectively manage patient transport request. The client, with its objective in mind, approached Mindfire Solutions and briefed them about the existing case. Our team had a series of brainstorming sessions, in-depth analysis of their requirement and then proposed a set of development phase to follow to develop the application. More details about this project at E-Transport System. Mindfire Solutions is a 12 years old software development and IT consulting company having expertise in developing various construction industries softwares. Mindfire Solutions is one of the leading outsourcing company in Transport software development services. Mindfire Solutions has deep expertise in various technologies like web, mobile, database, plugins, reports bi, QA & Automated testing, Desktop, RIA, App-based development Services. Mindfire Solutions is the ultimate destination to hire dedicated offshore Software programmers and testers. You get the benefit of most flexible hours of working, affordable cost, experienced Software consultants and time savvy benefits. We have a highly experienced team of dedicated outsource software Developers with years of experience in various Offshore software application development services. We also have 100 hours risk free trial* for new clients. To know more about our expertise in Transportation software development services and outsource your Transport software solution requirements, please contact us at [email protected] or call 1-248-686-1424. We will be glad to help you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: