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Software Lexmark International, Inc. is a multinational firm that is known for its range of laser printers as well as provides enterprise services. The company is presently based in Lexington, Kentucky. It was initiated in 1991 when its printer and relevant supply operations were divested by IBM to an investment firm called Clayton & Dubilier & Rice, Inc. in a leveraged buyout and became an independent firm on November 15, 1995. Its major products include managed print services, printers, enterprise content management, toner, printer ink, and business process management. The company is also known for its Lexmark Printer Repair that it offers to those who have issues with their devices and need help to resolve them. This support comes in the form of live as well as online support though live support becomes paid after warranty. But when it comes to online support, it is free for everyone and includes all issues resolutions. At times official modes of help may not be enough to resolve certain issues instantly and this may lead a user to start looking for some other sources of Lexmark Printer Repair. Here are some common issues that a printer could have with resolution process: Printing is too slow: The simplest way to increase the speed of your printer is to lower the output quality for things that you dont need in sharp printing. Draft mode is a very economical way of getting enough quality without wasting ink. If your printer comes with the alternative of adding additional RAM, you could do that as well. Prints are light, spotty, or have horizontal lines: Mostly that main reason of this problem is dirty print or clogged heads. To resolve this issue you can run your printers cleaning cycle if it has this feature. After that you can also print a test page and check if the results are improved. For complete instructions, you can check printer instructions that already mentioned on a book that you got at the time of purchase. In case you have upgraded to Windows version, from the start menu you can go to the Control Panel and find your printers utilities that way. Your OS is sending print jobs to the wrong printer: At the time of Windows up-gradation procedure it usually chose a new default printer for printing. To resolve this issue quick, go to Devices and Printers, then Printers and Faxes. Right-click on the printer you want to make the default and click Set as Default Printer. Paper tray is flimsy: You just dont need to do much effort to resolve this issue. It is advisable that always buy printer compatible printer sheets for your printer. Paper trays are one area where manufacturers sometimes cut costs, and consumers suffer. These are most common issues that a Lexmark printer could have but in case the above techniques are not what your issue is all about and you are still looking for some other mode of Lexmark Printer Repair, there are many companies available in the industry that can offer you on-call help to resolve your issue. These companies have teams of skilled technicians who are well-qualified and trained and can resolve your complex issues at the earliest. These service providers also offer help through remote access technology where one of the technicians would resolve your issue by him via remote connectivity. You just need to provide your systems access and meanwhile you can rest. After successful resolution technician would call your back for the confirmation. You can get their contact details from the internet on their websites where you would also get more information about their service plans. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: