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Get Defensive For Your Traffic Offenses Posted By: Doug Marshall Defensive driving courses are provided across the state of Texas to help imperfect drivers improve their skills on the road and more importantly dismiss the traffic ticket that pointed out their driving flaws. The average fine for a speeding ticket is roughly $150 but the real financial burden comes from the increase in your monthly insurance payment. This is why defensive driving is so important, despite the lack of enthusiasm from most drivers who wait until the last minute to finally take the course. Texas defensive driving courses are completely state approved to offer educational lesson plans that provide basic to advanced driver training. Defensive driver training prepares Texas motorists for common road hazards with proven techniques and driving maneuvers that can help prevent fatal car accidents and collisions. Texas state regulations carefully define the curriculum of defensive driving courses to ensure that drivers who are issued a traffic citation truly learn their lesson and take corrective action to improve their driving skills and awareness. These lessons usually include instructive diagrams and demonstration videos for students to comprehend safe driving practices and apply their knowledge behind the wheel.Defensive Driving Regulations Defensive Driving Defensive Driving Course defensive driving online defensive driving texas Texas defensive Defensive Driving Regulations Defensive Driving Regulations Posted By: Doug Marshall The state of Texas requires all driver safety courses to be six hours in length. A student must be present for all six hours of a course in order to receive an official certificate of completion. A classroom course lead by an instructor must consist of either six straight hours of instruction or two three hour sessions. With the advancements of online education technology, Texas drivers can now complete their driver safety training on the Internet. An online course will not be conducted by an instructor. To verify the identity of the student, an online course will ask certain personal questions randomly throughout the lessons. The course will use a third party database to check the answers. Questions about the content are also asked to make sure the students are effectively learning the material. Students taking a defensive driving course online have the freedom to break up the course into segments as they see fit. Texas drivers who possess a commercial driver license are not permitted to take a driver safety course like defensive driving for ticket dismissal. A driver must admit guilt or sign a statement of nolo contendere that proves they do not contest the citation.Defensive Driving Regulations Defensive Driving Defensive Driving Regulations 相关的主题文章: