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Advertising Going global is a big step for any software enterprise. It’s not just limited to a mere increase to a company’s physical size (more employees, more clients, ultimately more profit and income for all). All of the world’s iconic corporations have expanded themselves on a global scale. Names and logos of entities such as Microsoft, Apple, and Sony are found everywhere. So how does a business go about spreading itself beyond the national borders of its own headquarters? Naturally of course this requires a lot of experience already. You’d have well invested substantial amounts of money. Those investments are then used to insure that your products and services are of the highest quality. Finally, there’s the goal of establishing your company’s name as an iconic image in the public eye of your country’s people. Then again, surely no business that desires to go global did not already have the above in mind. Better yet, perhaps the reason why they think they can go global is because they’ve already acquired the appropriate level of fame and fortune. So what’s the next step? The next step is to establish a foothold in a foreign land. Ideally, the country in question is usually an industrialized giant of decent economic growth. Just from thinking about it however, you can already discern a number of obstacles both cultural (language and ethnicity) and financial (cost of long distance communication and localization strategies). But above all, the greatest obstacle would doubtlessly occur during the lead generation process. Conducting a lead generation campaign in another country can be an entirely different task than what you’re used to. It’s even more so if you’re firm needs ERP leads because you’re in the business of enterprise software solutions. You’ll need to be familiar with the major local companies in the area and have enough information on them to be sure they’re really in need of better software. Now the most up front solution to that is to simply have someone in the area do the research for you. For instance, if you’re looking for an Australia lead, you’d want to send one, two, or perhaps even a team of representatives to Australia so that they can ‘scout’ its business sector. Then, with the data they’ve sent you, you can start discussing marketing plans to address prospect needs. Another alternative is to outsource to a software telemarketing firm. This can be beneficial for companies dependent on B2B transactions such as ERP software suppliers. These companies require very specific business information, sometimes information that prospects won’t initially want to share. This can be quite expected in countries with turbulent rising economies such as Singapore and Hong Kong. With the appropriate telemarketing company, they can ask the right questions. And since we’re on the subject of international lead generation, a global telemarketer is a must. Their call center branches on different parts of the world have databases perfect for obtaining business info specific to that country. If you’re looking to plant yourself in an Asian tiger economy, then you might want to look for a firm that is telemarketing in Singapore. Being internationally known can be a dream for a lot of companies, not just those in the software market. However, such a venture is one of a thousand miles (literally and figuratively). As the saying goes, you will always have the first step. Start getting an international lead so you can make that happen. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: