is not always possible to track the performance of the interviewer. Fourth 王心凌私密照外泄 女导游在德国被抢

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Advertising Many companies are faced with large volumes of research activities. At the same time they know, what nuances encountered in this situation. First, it is large volumes of forms, as well as the costs of transportation and printing. Second, lengthy processing information from its translation from paper to electronic form. Third, is not always possible to track the performance of the interviewer. Fourth, the accuracy of the data being transferred and the polls themselves. What methods of marketing research will help avoid these nuances? To date, the commercial market is saturated with offers. But most of the proposed solutions do not take into account all the problems faced by research companies. Yet, there are solutions that simultaneously handle all of the nuances. For example, the software SimpleForms , mounted on a simple and intuitive reader Nook. This is a unique innovative design, developed specifically for the survey and interviews. Rode rifles and software installed on it SimpleForms. Now you will be able to conduct only interviews and questionnaires. At reader profiles are downloaded as templates and completed questionnaires themselves. Profiles created on the site, but which you have access. Also on the site you can view statistics and monitor completion of questionnaires from the unit prior to the process of questioning. The advantages of this method of research is to save time and cost of the process. You do not have to spend a lot of money on printing and shipping forms. The reader can store more than 20,000 completed questionnaires before they are discharged to the server and more than 100 templates questionnaires. Accordingly, after the daily discharge data to the server, you can re-fill out the questionnaire. In this way, you free your budget from the cost of printing and shipping. Save time – is not unimportant factor. When proper interviewing techniques, you face a time-consuming to translate questionnaires into electronic form and report on the study. When using SimpleForms all data are transferred automatically or through an access point WI-fi, either through export data to a PC via USB-cable. Reeder has an Anti – glare screen, which allows for street surveys in bright sunlight. This is in contrast to predominantly use tablets. The weight of the device is small, but in contrast to its paper-weight and comfortable enough in windy weather. The humidity it is not deformed, but in the rain it is still not recommended. Reader frost. In addition, it can operate for long periods without recharging. For an 8-hour working day and lasts for 3-4 days. With its inactive state the battery lasts for about a month. It does happen that without the quality control interviewer reliability of the data deteriorates, especially if the company has a branch structure. How to track the performance of branches at each stage of the survey? To do this, again the example of SimpleForms, there are a system monitoring and statistics. In the account files on the server of the company, providing software, designed specifically point where the prescribed place, date and time of completion of each form. IE, you can now see that the questionnaire took about 10-15 minutes, there were breaks, but do not watch. In situations of lack of control interviewer free himself can fill forms part of the daily plan. When using the above software such fact does not remain without attention. Well, let’s look at the last item on the reliability of the data provided. The reliability of the data may falter: a) if there is no control over the interviewer of the data when it is free to fill out a few surveys myself and option b) where the data migration on the computer because of the large volumes may miss a few profiles merge the data . When the process is automated survey, the possibility of errors in the data or the presence of uncertainty is reduced to the minimum percentage. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: