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Finance Here we are providing you with three simple guidelines which needs to be followed if you intend to make a mark in the real estate investing. Though we don’t say that they are everything but you must at least be willing to adhere to these suggestions if you plan to grow as a property investor and achieve great heights. Can we start now? You must acknowledge the basics of business. Investment in the real estate consist of processes where there is acquisition of property, then investor holds on to it in anticipation of profit and ultimately sells it expecting cash inflows which are used by him for future acquisitions of property and thus guaranteeing a good return on investment he made. Investment in real estate offers you the advantage of leverage. That is, you can use money from other sources (banks, financers…etc) to increase your return rate and in the process can control a larger investment portfolio which otherwise could be impossible for you. In case of a rental property, you can use other’s money to pay off your debits. It also has some non-monitory benefits for you like pride associated with owning a real estate and a path to diversification in your portfolio. You must understand the elements of return You must remember that there is no place for emotions in purchase, sale or holding of a property. Investing in this sector is not akin to love affair, its plain return on what you have invested. A good and smart property investor would always take into consideration these four elements of return to arrive at a decision on buying a property, holding on to it or selling the same. 1. Cash Flow – The amount of cash which comes in through rents and other sources less what goes out as debt service and maintenance expenses decides a cash flow from a property. When you go and buy property you are in fact buying an income stream generated by the property, so you must make sure that you get the numbers on which you will calculate cash flow are correct. 2. Appreciation – It is the growth in the property value over a period of time. Investors in real estate buy the income stream of a property so if you can sell more income, you can expect more returns from your property. 3. Loan Amortization – This is actually a period wise loan amount reduction over a time which may result in increased equity. Lender usually make evaluation of property based on the income streams, so you have a clear cut cash flow reports, and can present them to lenders, then you increase your chances of securing good financing. 4. Tax Shelter – This actually mean a legal method to make use of real estate property to make reduction in ultimate or annual income tax. However you would need to check with a tax expert to see the present tax laws to see as to how you can get maximum benefit. You must first do you homework. 1. Form the correct attitude. You must dispel this thought that investment in real estate or rental property is just like purchasing a home and should instead keep an attitude that this is just a normal business of investment. You should not get attracted by good house plans or exciting amenities, but must only consider the returns you could get on your investment. 2. Research your market. Do a thorough research of the market and its current conditions which surround rental property you want to buy. Go and learn about the occupancy rates, real estate prices and rents in areas local to you. 3. Try to learn the trade terms and returns and as to how to calculate them. 4. You can plan and go for efficient real estate investment software. 5. Create and maintain relationships with real estate people who know local markets like the back of their palm. There you have it all. A precise insight in the real estate investing techniques as I could provide without boring you to death! Just keep them close to your heart with usual dash of some common sense and you’re up for the start. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: