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SEO In Part 1, we have seen the initial step of search engine optimization services, the keyword research and analysis. In Part 2 we have seen the competitive analysis and it"s importance in the present SEO practices. Now in this article we will see Meta tags optimization services. Meta tag optimization services The word META indicates information about the Data. There are over 30 different Meta tags. Commonly used Meta tag names are description, keywords, title, robots, author, date, and copyright. The ones that concern search engine optimization are the title, description and keywords. The Title tag contains words about your web site and appears in the top bar of your web browser. The Meta Keyword tag is used in the heading of your HTML web page. Meta-tags are an important tool for successful search engine marketing as the search engines start with these criteria in scoring your website for relevance. Search engines focus on three primary meta-tags to assist them in determining the relevance of a website for a particular search phrase. Let us see the importance of these three Meta tags from an SEO point of view: The Title Tag For a search engine stand and for your potential clientele the Title Tag is one of the most important meta-tags. The Title Tag describes exactly what the document contains. It contains keywords or phrases that you have targeted for that page based on the research of the business demographic that you want to be found under. It is the most readable part. You must consider that the Title Tag will be the first thing someone sees if you appear in a search result, as it also generates the "blue link" in the results. The Description Tag The Description Tag is the secondary tag that accompanies the Title Tag when found through a search engine. The code placed in the title tag generates the summary that will be displayed under the Title Tag when you return as a result. It should be descriptive, but in a summary format and contain the targeted words or phrases in an attractive manner. The Keywords Tag The Keywords Tag is utilized to list the exact words or phrases that pertains individual page content and they should have been researched prior to input. It is a request to be included when that search is performed and a request to be scored for relevancy against the individual word or phrases inserted. Each page should contain its own, unique keywords that pertain to the actual content or each. You will be indexed, it is imperative that the exact words or phrases be utilized properly in visible content to achieve a high relevancy score. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: