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Golf There are some different views on the origin of golf game, and many countries have a valid claim that the game are form their countries. However, most people believe that the golf games are origin from the Scotland. Many Dutch may not agree the saying because they think golf is from their country. There is the saying, Dutchman names "kolven", the ancient sport known as the earliest golf, and they believe that this movement is the merchandise trade between the two countries passing into Scotland. However, many people do not agree with this statement. Some scholars hold that kolven is an indoor sport, golf is an outdoor sport, which is both fundamental and most essential difference between them. Moreover, the ball that kolven movement used is bigger and weightier than the average golf club and, more importantly, the rod used in the kolven sport is no angle. Even some Dutch are not very satisfied with the saying that the origin of golf is routed in Scotland, there are some evidences shows that saying is reasonable. According to research, golf, the first word appeared in the 1457-file of the Scottish Parliament was gaining on the prevalence of golf, many young men from archery to more. Therefore, the government prohibited. In March 1457 gave the royal family of Scotland, a total standstill and the law prohibits golf. The first recognizable golf game form being played in Scotland in the early 1400’s. Andrews, Scotland is the birthplace of the game golf. Originating on the east coast of Scotland, golf quickly became the Scots’ national pastime and passion, bound forever to Scotland’s history and people. According to Scottish scholar, the people of Scotland believe that Golf was invented by Scottish fishermen to amuse them on the way home from fishing. In 1457 golf was banned in Scotland because it interfered with the practice of archery, which was vital to the defense effort. The ban on golf had been issued in a time when Scotland was preparing to defend itself from the English. Scotland can say that they are the founding fathers in regards to the oldest golf course. Some people may have some other doubt about the origin saying besides the paper evidence, I would like to show some other evidence to prove the golf is from the Scotland. The most unique feature of golf game should be the hole, which was the Scots who introduced the golf hole into the game we now call golf. There is general agreement among historians and golf fans alike that the Scots were the first golfers who became somewhat addicted and passionate about the sport. In the very early days of golf, each golf group in Scotland produced their own and unique rules, which was sometimes the cause for interesting discussions. Golf is still a very popular game today in Scotland today. The game of golf soon spread to areas outside of Scotland. In one form or another, the variant games of present day golf were clearly enjoyed throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. In fact in seventeenth century Dutch landscapes commonly show golf being played on ice. The game of golf began its destiny in time towards becoming popular around the world. From what has been discussed above, we believe that Scottish origin is the most authoritative and most convincing way of saying. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: