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Benefits Of Medical Transcription At Home Posted By: Jason Trusler I have been in the legal field for over fifteen years and some of the agencies I worked for included the medical malpractice field which involved transcribing documents with medical terminology. In view of the fact that I have some medical terminology, albeit limited, and the legal opportunities in my area are decreasing, I believe this would be a great opportunity to expand my medical terminology/transcription skills. My position/assignment as a legal assistant has been completed and I am now unemployed and feel this would be an ideal time to further my education. Additionally, having the legal background, I feel this would assist in the awareness of the legal standards and requirements that may apply to health records. In addition, other reasons to become a work at home medical transcriptionist include excellent pay, avoiding long commutes thereby reducing the waste of money and time, having job security in a growing market, rewarding/interesting work and a comfortable work environment.Work at Home Transcriptionist Medical Transcription at Home Work at Home Transcriptionist Community College Vs Online Education Posted By: Munish Kumar Sharma When considering your options for a good medical transcription training program, you will find that the two predominant alternatives are a traditional "brick and mortar" education through a local community college, or an online training program. Many community colleges do a really great job of teaching the fundamentals of transcription: things like terminology and human anatomy. You will also tend to move through a college program in a cohort group. Many people like the idea of progressing in concert with a class of like-minded students. Another advantage is access to a full or part time instructor. The primary drawback of a community college MT education is that most of these programs generally lack several elements that are important to the medical transcription training process. For example: 1. Most community college programs "borrow" as much program curriculum as possible from other departments. In other words you may be sitting through a human anatomy class that is designed for a nursing program. And while this is not the worst thing in the world, you will not be focusing on the aspects of anatomy that are most needed for medical transcription.special education education resources online education professional education online online degree special education 相关的主题文章: