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Reference-and-Education Established in 2005, Ramagya School is located in sector-50, Noida as a prime educational centre of the area. The school has been recently upgraded to a senior secondary level and stores a bright future for its students. The school is known for the best modern equipments used in the process of teaching. Ramagya offers all the international facilities in the most affable ambience. It is one of those schools in Noida that imparts E-Learning. The ultimate goal of this school is to pay special care and attention towards choosing the faculty to train the students in the best possible manner. They provide an extra ordinary blend of modern teaching methodology and the traditional wisdom. The school believes that the curricular activities and the performing arts expand the horizon of the students but still the school strives for attaining the academic excellence. The pre primary wing of Ramagya is budding in the hands of compassionate and dedicated mentors, in an environment which is lively, vibrant and provides equal opportunities to all. Ramagya provides a warm welcoming, reviving and a home like atmosphere which can be trusted by the parents for the better future of the kids. The school provides holistic value based education to instill inner confidence in students so that they might face challenges with self assertion. The school places an emphasis on attaining scholastic excellence along with building character. This helps the students to recognize the world around them, develop confidence and attain all round success in life. The school and the students of Ramagya have been awarded for various academic, cultural and sports programs. The school awards a gold badge to the students who earn a scholars badge. A merit certificate is awarded to the students who excel in academics, sports or other co-curricular activities. All round trophies are also awarded to those who excel in both academic and co-curricular activities. Trophies are also awarded for in house excellence. The school strives towards inculcating the best attitude and values in the students for which they take strict action against: The students who are defaulter at work. The students who come late to school. The students who bully or show aggressive behavior and use abusive language. The students who are involved in keeping the classroom untidy. The students who bunk classes and move in the corridors. The students who have untidy haircut or falling hairs. The students who are responsible for breakage of school property. The students who do not turn out to the requirement and standards of the school. The school affords 360 degree development of a child under the expert supervision and guidance. The school provides best opportunity to utilize the inner self of the student and make them excel in the field of their choice. Its students are aware and knowledgeable of their task, rights and errands lead and to make this planet an admirable serene world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: