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Federal Reserve interest rate hike in September is expected to be frustrated, the central parity of RMB raised 121 points, Sina fund exposure desk: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same product for a long time, buy fund by pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Remittance network September 7th hearing – Wednesday (September 7th), the people’s Bank of China data show that the central parity of RMB 6.6555, 121 points higher than the previous trading day. ISM’s non manufacturing data on Wednesday was less than expected, hitting the market’s expectations for the Fed’s interest rate hike in September. However, considering the earlier Federal Reserve officials’ hawkish speech at the Jackson Holzer global central bank annual meeting and the interest rate hike depending on the economic data, Zhou Sichu asked the unemployment data will become the focus of attention. [view] institutions at Mizuho Securities Shen Jianguang said, taking into account the current foreign exchange reserves sufficient to stop the decline in economic fundamentals, and capital controls still exist in certain areas, as well as the future decision-making due to the introduction of the asset bubble suppression policy, the next period of time, there will be a certain degree of RMB devaluation of the dollar, but the rate will not exceed expectations. From the traditional balance of payments and purchasing power parity, the RMB exchange rate does not exist the basis of substantial devaluation. But from the financial point of view, the second half of the Fed interest rate hike, as well as the rise in domestic asset prices, making the RMB short-term pressure on the U.S. dollar exchange rate. In the policy response, the face of overseas economic and financial volatility, China itself can actually measure the initiative moves, but at home, pay attention to prevent asset bubbles, avoid property, currencies, bonds, stock market risk of cross infection, is the current stable financial market and RMB exchange rate a pressing matter of the moment. [macro news] the U.S. ISM index for non manufacturing in August was 51.4, expected to be 54.9, the lowest since the beginning of 2010. The Fed’s interest rate hike in September is expected to suffer heavy blows. 2. The central bank’s open market will carry out a 7 day 20 billion day reverse repurchase operation on Wednesday (Zhou Sanni repurchase expires 90 billion); the China Central Bank’s open market will carry out 10 billion RMB 14 day reverse repurchase operation on Wednesday. [1] risk events in Sanya weeks midday, China will be announced in August foreign exchange reserves data, the market is expected to be $3 trillion and 190 billion, before the value of $320 million 110 thousand. Federal Reserve will publish economic beige book at 2:00 a.m. Beijing time on Thursday. [early trading trend] (onshore RMB time-sharing chart source: Peng Bo) (Offshore RMB time-sharing chart source: Peng Bo) 10:10 Beijing time, onshore RMB 6.667488, offshore RMB 6.678183. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

美联储9月加息预期再受挫 人民币中间价上调121点 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   汇通网9月7日讯——周三(9月7日)中国人民银行数据显示,人民币中间价报6.6555,较上个交易日上调121点。周三美国ISM非制造业数据不及预期,再次打击了市场对美联储9月加息的预期。但考虑早前美联储官员在杰克逊霍尔全球央行年会上偏鹰派的讲话以及加息取决于经济数据的表态,周四初请失业金数据将成为关注焦点。   【机构观点】   瑞穗证券沈建光表示,考虑到当前外汇储备充足,经济基本面止住下跌,且资本管制仍在一定领域存在,以及未来决策层因地出台抑制资产泡沫政策,未来一段时间,人民币对美元会出现一定程度贬值,但幅度不会超出预期。   从传统国际收支以及购买力平价来看,人民币汇率确实不存在大幅贬值基础。但从金融因素来看,下半年美联储加息,以及国内资产价格攀升,都使得人民币对美元汇率短期承压。   在政策应对方面,面对海外经济金融的波动,中国自身可以主动出招的措施实则有限,但国内方面,注重防范资产泡沫,避免楼市、汇市、债市、股市风险交叉感染,是当下稳定金融市场以及人民币汇率的当务之急。   【宏观面消息】   ①美国8月非制造业ISM指数为51.4,预期为54.9,创2010年年初以来的最低值。美联储9月加息预期遭受沉重打击。   ②中国央行公开市场周三将进行200亿元人民币7天期逆回购操作(周三逆回购到期900亿);中国央行公开市场周三将进行100亿元人民币14天期逆回购操作。   【风险事件】   ①周三亚市午盘,中国将公布8月外汇储备数据,市场预期为3.19万亿美元,前值为3.2011亿美元。   ②周四北京时间凌晨2:00点美联储将发布经济褐皮书。   【早盘走势】   (在岸人民币分时图 来源:彭博)   (离岸人民币分时图 来源:彭博)   北京时间10:10,在岸人民币报6.6674 88,离岸人民币报6.6781 83。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: