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Valentino classic Tan-Go thick with soft – also the Sohu in 2013 Valentino launched Tan-Go in 2016 with the shoe style shoes, Tan-Go strong resurgence, with thick high heels and lovely, in fashion circles staged a "counter attack" drama, fashion bloggers love. "Tan-Go" shoes with the classic Maryja style interpretation of a simple elegant style. It adopts the bright paint made of round head design is quite beautify the foot shape, while the lower crude with not only closely follow the trend, and can ensure the comfort. The official price of 495 pounds of Italy manufacturing Valentino Garavani Tan-Go patent high heels, high heels 100 mm, exudes a gentle woman of noble taste, which is indispensable items during the spring and summer of 2016. The medium height heel design takes full consideration, not only can properly lengthen the legs line, but also can ensure a comfortable wear throughout the day. The official website sells for 480 pounds, appreciates more Valentino fashionable goods, welcome Guan Lin Sloan Street 174 Valentino monopoly.

Valentino经典Tan-Go 粗跟也柔媚-搜狐   2013年Valentino推出Tan-Go 舞鞋风格中跟鞋,2016年Tan-Go强势回潮,以粗高跟的柔媚,在时尚圈上演了一场“逆袭”大戏,成为时尚博主们的爱物。                  “Tan-Go” 中跟鞋将经典的玛丽珍款式演绎出了简约优雅的风范。它采用光亮的漆皮制成,圆头设计颇为美化足形,而较低的粗跟不仅紧跟潮流,且能确保穿着舒适。   官网售价495英镑      意大利制造的Valentino Garavani Tan-Go 漆皮高跟鞋,鞋跟高 100 mm,散发着柔美高贵的女人味,堪称是 2016 年春夏不可或缺的单品。中高度粗跟设计考虑周详,既可恰到好处地拉长双腿线条,又能确保一整天的舒适穿感。   官网售价480英镑   欣赏更多Valentino时尚精品,欢迎关林斯隆街174号Valentino专卖。相关的主题文章: