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History | World Cup Ma Lin’s 4 win at Xu Xin tied Malone following the branch table tennis _ _ sina sports _ Xu Xin is looking forward to the World Cup success for sina sports men’s World Cup Table Tennis Singles began in 1980, has been held 36 sessions. A total of 23 players have won the championship, the Chinese players won the title of the 22. Ma Lin has won four times, three times won the Wang Hao. As one of the three world series, it is Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui, Zhang Jike, Laowa and Malone achieve the Grand Slam of the important station. It is often a miracle game, Parr, and Samsonov Kline Bohr had wins in the world cup a few players to win Chinese. The world cup singles champion and world ranking from all continents participating in front of the master, the first men’s singles World Cup was founded in 1980, in the match before the two World Championships singles final regret losing Guo Yuehua finally won the championship, becoming the first World Cup Men’s singles champion. The ten men’s World Cup Singles Championship in 80s, Chinese players won the title of the seven. Guo Yuehua won the two championship, Jiang Jialiang, Chen Xinhua, Chen Longcan, Teng Yi and Ma Wenji each won a championship, then showed China men’s advantage. Guo Yuehua won the first in the 80-83 period two world championships and two world cups, four consecutive World Series monopoly in the men’s singles championship, so far no one can break the record. In 80s Jiang Jialiang won two World Championships singles champion, a total of six times in the world cup, won a championship and two runner up and two top three, performance is very stable. Two of which were lost to the team in the finals, because of the team’s request, he and his teammates in the final game to make personal sacrifices, that no more to be able to win the singles world champion. In 80s, the Chinese team lost three times in the championship, the world cup in Hungary in the world cup Crane Pal winning streak in 81 years, winning the title, Shi Zhihao. In 83 years the world cup under the new rules, two Chinese players Cai Zhenhua, Jiang Jialiang failed to enter the quarterfinals, Sweden three players Appelgren, Waldner and Lyndon swept the top three. 88 years of Poland’s World Cup, Chen Longcan won the Xu Zengcai gluba. In the five World Cup singles match in the early 90s, the Chinese team only won the championship in Ma Wenji in the past 92 years, and the other four titles were won by foreign players. Waldner, Persson, the and the pavilion each won a championship, during which the Grand Slam in the process of the realization of the Grand Slam, in the meantime, the Grand Slam in the meantime, in the process of achieving a grand slam in the meantime, in this period, the realization of the grand slam. In 95 years, with the rise of Kong Linghui, Liu Guoliang, Chinese’s re board the top of the world, Kong Linghui and Liu Guoliang each won a world cup champion, and has won the grand slam. Since entering the new century, Chinese players in the 16 World Cup winning 12 times, which Ma Lin won four times, won the Wang Haosan, Zhang Jike and Malone won two times. Although Ma Lin and Wang Hao failed to become a grand slam, but they have made in the world table tennis achievement is obvious to people, Ma Lin to win the world cup singles champion most players, Wang Hao won three times finished second to Ma Lin. Three World Championships Men’s single相关的主题文章: