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Private enterprises in the two generation succession tide: cautious they don’t talk about financial and business until the age of 29, Wu Jiapei was on the home with their peers, have real sense of mission. Ningbo Wanjia Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. founded by Wu Jiapei’s father, in 1987 September 2010, just from Canada come back to Wu Jiapei to the company into a short rest after a month, to prepare for the take over of the company. Imagine this thing than her and her father had much more difficult, in the company before, Wu Jiapei’s father made an optimistic forecast: about 5 years to complete the handover, but 6 years later, Wu Jiapei think there is still a distance away from the real succession. At the end of 2014, Wu Jiapei had her first child, this also let her real father took over the country lay the urgent desire to start. However, there are not many things she can do. In the last 7 years set up "enterprise two" training courses, technical training school management summit chairman Ye Sishui has access to more than 500 of the "two generation", they will take over most of the companies are small and medium sized private manufacturing enterprises. Leaf Sishui found an interesting phenomenon, unlike imagined is often they become powerful and intransigent, showing cautious side, the more near the succession, this caution on the performance of the more obvious. In 2015, two years after entering sunsreal "enterprise two generation" training students and a few students have great changes, different from their elders, they have rarely made similar to the "financial" and "entrepreneurship" such words hang in the mouth. Not smooth Zhejiang Connor electric appliance Limited company chairman Zou Jiefeng, in 5 years ago experienced a succession is not successful. As of 2010, Sacon Group Chairman Zou Guoying’s only son, three years of experience in three departments, Zou Jiefeng officially entered the Sacon marketing Core Company, as general manager, this position is not only responsible for the group’s overall marketing, but also the production control group should do, this is Zou Guoying for the last and most critical succession plan step son arrangement. However, this step is not smooth. In 2010, Zou Jiefeng entered the core position soon found himself with the culture of the company do not fit, this does not fit the final in different forms, and he followed his father years of occupation managers and shareholders disagree. Zou Jiefeng’s father occupies more than 30% of the shares in the company, did not reach the absolute control of the situation, the objective situation for Zou Jiefeng’s succession process is more complex and twists and turns. The immediate consequence of the disagreement is that pressure, like a web, slowly approaches from all sides, and gradually limits the space Zou Jiefeng can move. A year later, Zou Jiefeng offered to leave the request, his father also agreed to this request. Wu Jiapei faces the environment is much simpler, father founded enterprises with more equity structure is clear and concise, but her succession met many questions. In 2010, just graduated from Wu Jiapei into his father’s business, in the year after the end of the internship, she began to try to improve the internal management system, but for her technical line of work is poorly understood, soon encountered a bottleneck. At the same time this year.相关的主题文章: