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Look out! These repayment behavior will lead to bad credit records as everyone knows, a good credit record is the key to successfully get a loan, and then get the loan repayment behavior, you inadvertently, will lead to a bad credit record. What will be the specific behavior in accordance with the agreed repayment is very important in accordance with the contract agreed to the importance of repayment, presumably do not need too much emphasis on small. Your repayment behavior will not only affect the relationship between you and the bank loan, such as monthly repayment is expected to increase the amount of loans, enjoy more preferential services; but if there is breach of contract, the bank will charge a penalty, to recover the loan in advance, and even affect personal credit record. If the loan goes to the central bank, you will find it hard to get a loan from other banks. These repayment behavior will affect personal credit record 1, inadvertent overdue record in general, money from the account transferred to the loan, institutions designated repayment account requires certain time arrival time, banks also have certain difference. If the money is not in charge of time before reaching the designated account, it is possible to generate overdue records and credited to the personal credit report. For users on the day of repayment or repayment of the first one or two days of the day, you should pay attention to. If you encounter weekend holidays, you should be careful. Proposal: a few days in advance repayment, do not pinch point repayment. 2, early repayment may affect personal credit records, mainly to see whether there are related to the loan contract agreement. Early repayment is also a breach of contract, the lender may charge a penalty (or penalty). Note that the early repayment does not mean that the borrower’s repayment ability, good credit, some lenders may be regarded as negative information. Recommendation: read the terms of the contract, and to lenders detailed consultation. 3, the loan generally will also affect the credit record. If the borrower to apply for extension, lenders may think the problems of your repayment capacity, will have a negative impact. But compared with the late repayment, extension can embody the good repayment willingness. In repayment does have difficulties, should explain the situation to the lending institution, and a renewal agreement. Recommendations: the initiative to explain the situation, the two sides consultations. In addition, there are users who expressed their repayment on time, why there are overdue records. This problem is likely to be caused by different repayment methods. As we all know, only in the date of the contract, the way, the amount of the current repayment amount should be transferred to the designated repayment account is normal repayment. The following is the most likely to form a number of overdue cases: the intermediary also: the agency failed to go to the agreed account. Interbank payments: because interbank accounts processing delays and other reasons, failed to timely payment to the designated account. A line of households: money in non contract account, or recorded mixed repayment time. Therefore, in the choice of repayment methods, it must be clear to the lending institutions. Conditional users, the best choice for automatic repayment. (Eastern wealth network)相关的主题文章: