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Deyang more than 60 people rely on investment of one hundred thousand Liuwanqianwan earn money down the drain of Sichuan online Deyang (micro-blog) news (reporter Zhang Yu Yang Kanghua coland) on October 31, 2015, Guanghan (micro-blog) is an unforgettable day sister Liu people, after Liu will own pension money lent to Guanghan factory boss Zheng, Zheng boss promised high interest rates, but the interest of the day, Liu found Zheng boss and his wife run away. Zheng boss run away the news quickly spread, Liu knew that with her money the fund has more than 60 people, up to thousands of yuan, we hurried to the Guanghan Municipal Public Security Bureau of economic investigation team report. With the police investigation, together with the amount of illegal fund-raising cases reached about ten million yuan gradually surfaced. December 24, 2015, Zheng boss couple in Nanchong (micro-blog), Dujiangyan (micro-blog) was arrested by public security organs. Recently, two people were prosecuted according to law. The company ran into trouble in August 1998, rob Peter to pay Paul Zheng Xiu Guo Wen couples in Guanghan opened a chemical factory, the company mainly produces for washing powder, soap and other daily necessities of chemical raw materials. Due to the large market demand, the company’s output value increased steadily. 1999 Zheng Xiu, Guo Wen decided to expand the scale of production, the purchase of 7 acres of land. Then, two people will land mortgaged to the bank, the loan from the bank to build a new plant, new equipment, more than and 30 workers in be in full swing under the command of the Zheng boss couples engage in production, the most prosperous business, the factory’s output value reached about ten million. But because of poor management and good times don’t last long, aging equipment and backward, Zheng Xiu and Guo Wen in the factory did not take into account the pollution to the environment in the production, in 2006 due to farmland pollution, environmental protection departments shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification, fines and compensation to the surrounding farmers. After the resumption of production, the company funds to run into difficulties, Zheng Xiu and Guo Wen began to borrow from relatives and friends, from the beginning of 12%, 20% interest, 24%, 30%, the most urgent demand for funds, two people even promised 60% interest, that is to say two loans to one hundred thousand yuan, with interest can be recovered by one hundred and sixty thousand. High interest rates, there have been more than and 60 people to borrow money to Zheng Xiu, Guo Wen nearly ten million. However, with the development of washing products market, washing liquid gradually occupy a dominant position, washing powder, soap and other traditional washing products market share significantly reduced, Zheng Xiuliang couple’s production company related chemical raw materials have gradually lost market competitiveness. The number of sales decreased year by year, rely on high interest lending operation of the factory instantly paralyzed, the debt snowball getting bigger, before rob Peter to pay Paul still managed to maintain the situation also does not support, after the two couples decided to run away "". Couples unable to pay high interest Gebendongxi escape road in October of interest can not be honored, but also to the service again in time, people call every day, Zheng Xiu Guo Wencheng and the ants on a hot pan. Creditors call Zheng Xiu, Guo Wen and his wife’s mobile phone, has been unable to connect, several creditors meet two quarters rushed to see, found empty. Police handling the case, Zheng body相关的主题文章: