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"Sugar sieve" and "sugar" there is a difference, pregnant mother to know oh – Sohu (the maternal images are derived from the network) small Tao sister came to me, crying, holding just done the check list, choked said to me: "I have no sugar. The doctor said that my sugar high, not good for the baby!" I asked her to sit down and took her list. Huh? Sugar screening? Blood glucose value L 8.3mmol. Not ask her: "sugar screen examination did not pass, the doctor will determine your high sugar?" Xiao Tao wronged mouth with a flat head: "the doctor said gestational diabetes has a great impact on the baby. Let me take care of my diet and do it again in a week." I was sure, this girl is now no sugar sieve, the doctor gave her some time to do her silly to glucose tolerance, both mixed together, thought that he had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Xiao Tao only a little bit of the spirit of the hearing, ask me what the difference between sugar screen and sugar, sugar is not a barrier to pass the diabetes. Why pregnant mother to do sugar sieve? "Sugar screen" is to check whether the expectant mothers with gestational diabetes screening should be carried out at 24 – 28 weeks gestation. Gestational diabetes has serious adverse effects on pregnant mothers and fetuses: 1, for pregnant mothers, may lead to hyperglycemia, hypertension and other symptoms of the disease. 2, for the fetus, fetal abortion, intrauterine growth retardation, deformity, macrosomia, low weight and other diseases. It is easy to cause a variety of neonatal complications, such as bilirubin, respiratory distress syndrome, etc.. 3, and pregnant mothers and babies later in life with the risk of such diseases will be greater than the average. Therefore, it is necessary to do the screening of pregnant mothers do sugar sieve, but also on their own and baby responsible. In addition, it is necessary to determine a little common sense: the screening of sugar (diabetes screening) and his screening (Down syndrome screening) is completely different from the two checks. Don’t think the pronunciation is the same. What are the links and differences between sugar and sugar? Simply put, the relationship between the two is as follows: if the results of the screening test, however, the doctor will recommend to continue to do the test of glucose tolerance. In general, the doctor will recommend that pregnant mothers do sugar sieve, namely: fasting blood, blood glucose measurement; and then take 50g glucose after 60 minutes and then measured blood sugar. If the blood glucose value is more than 7.8mmol as sugar screening abnormal glucose tolerance, need to do. Glucose tolerance is still fasting blood glucose, 75 grams of powder dissolved in 300ml water, 5 minutes after drinking, drink the first start time, 1 hours, 2 hours, 3 hours after the blood glucose, the normal value standard: 5.6mmol L 1 hours of fasting, 10.3 mmol L, 8.6 L, 3 mmol 2 hours small 6.7 mmol L, which has 2 or 2 or more to reach or exceed the normal value, it can be diagnosed as gestational diabetes mellitus; only 1 higher than normal, the diagnosis of abnormal glucose tolerance. [if the most!相关的主题文章: