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Hikaru Utada after a lapse of 6 years to return: the new album dedicated to the mother of Hikaru Utada’s new album "Fantome (phantom)" a "world’s highest sales record for the first week," to maintain the concept of what is a year of 14? In 2015, when Adele’s album "25" in the first week of 5 million 700 thousand airborne global sales champion, people suddenly realized that the record holder is actually 14 years before Hikaru Utada’s second album "Distance", in 2001, the album only in Japan in the first week has created over 3 million copies myth. The 15 year old has been a huge variety of debut ring winding, 2011, Hikaru Utada decided to find my ordinary life, say goodbye to the singer. These years, after his mother died, married, birth, return once become unreachable, so, when it was announced in September 28th this year will release a new album after the news, immediately became the Japanese music industry annual event. Suspend business for 6 years, the distance on the original album has been separated for 8 and a half years time, this named "Fantome" (phantom) album what magic, not only by fans waiting for, but also is the industry’s high hopes, for the record market downturn for a long time to inject new vitality? Topic Author Information Times reporter Huang Wenhao light is the single, have nice to not stop when Hikaru Utada with the song "First Love" Asia has become known to every family of talented diva, 8 and a half years ago launched the album "HEART STATION", the cause of development of the United States toward the center of gravity, then announced the suspension of all music career in 2011, Public opinions are divergent. reasons. She married in Italy, until April of this year officially announced the comeback, first published two new single "to you", "the flowers of summer showers", immediately caused great concern to the fans. In fact, last year Hikaru Utada had passed back, but after the accident and denied, she was selected for the NHK morning show "masters" sister vocal singing the theme song of the show, immediately drive to create high ratings record. "The flowers to you" cure and warm rock ballad melody, let people listen to memorable, and upgraded the mother’s role change, also seems to affect Hikaru Utada’s mood, fans can listen to her voice, master degree is more gentle than in the past. Another song "summer showers" also take simple route, with simple piano melody, let the listener feel the whole people are quiet down. Early exposure of the song, that this is a great album, recently launched new song, invited Shiina Ringo singing "only 2 hours of holiday", is two people after 14 years after work together again, the song caused by the introduction of a hot debate. Hikaru Utada and Shiina Ringo will debut in 1998, although different styles, but the most important thing is Japanese singer (Shiina Ringo just as the Rio Olympics "Tokyo 8 minutes" served as music director). 14 years ago, the people of Shiina Ringo in the singer’s album, the chorus of the song of the brothers and sisters’ I Won ‘Last a day with t"相关的主题文章: