Peter Ho, Taipei today, the marriage of Xu Xu 瑄,, etc. will be presented to the blessing (vide-shuyue

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Peter Ho married Sun Li Vivian Hsu Taipei today will present blessing the bride and groom wedding wedding souvenir Tencent Peter Ho entertainment according to Taiwan media reports, Peter Ho (Peter) will be held tonight 9 years between the registered wife Lin Jingyi (Peggy), in the Taipei house Le Meridien Munich Hotel banquet guests, including "Zhen Huan empress" Sun Li, "fruit Prince Li Dongxue and Vivian Hsu and other stars will be unveiled. Unexpectedly, the eve of the wedding, but let him play basketball first dislocated thumb back flip 45 degrees, was imminent, he laughed and said: "we try not to shake hands with me." Fortunately, only the injury to the hand, does not affect the wedding festivities night. The bride’s family in Taipei, Peter Ho during the day but also to marry the woman home, the wedding night is expected to attend the opening 53 table, at the age of 40, he’s been 18 years, the two sides of the three movie making friends, a broker Ben confidential star guest list, said there is a surprise, but the reporter was informed that the star guests about more than and 30 people cooperate with him, including the "jade goddess of mercy" (old version) has met friends for 13 years to Sun Li, "" the previous film steel Li Dongxue will also attend, as the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" harem combination. In addition to Vivian Hsu from Singapore, junior Shen Jianhong, Andy Chen, and the best man is served by brothers Dylan Kuo and Albert Tammy Chen in September although Guoyong; to get married, but she is not afraid of "joyous" taboo, today will attend. The wedding gift is very special, is the bride Peggy brand "28Women" jewelry design. Peter Ho couple love for ten years still sweet Cecilia Cheung and friends breakfast相关的主题文章: