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The Ministry of Public Security: next year, the timely introduction of motor vehicle remote provinces inspection – Beijing Beijing News (reporter Wang Mengyao) in November 8th to 9, the national public security traffic management work conference held in Shanghai. Reporter yesterday learned from the scene, December 1st, Ministry of public security in Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Ji’nan, Shenzhen 5 city pilot issued new energy vehicle license plate, license plate number selecting unified synchronous pilot system. In addition, next year will timely launch vehicle provinces off-site inspection and other reform measures. On the vehicle inter provincial inspection, the Ministry of public security in 2014 has launched related reforms, the promotion of motor vehicles in the province offsite inspection, and vehicle pilot provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) off-site inspection. The reporter learned that, as of now, the vehicle population reached 280 million, the car was 190 million, the driver reached 350 million people, the highway of our country, the growth rate of car, the number of motor vehicle drivers ranked first in the world. Serious traffic violations included bad credit records of individual reporters from yesterday’s meeting was informed that, in order to ensure road safety, public security organs should be driving serious traffic violations, accident information into bad credit personal records. For all kinds of dishonest behavior drivers, traffic safety related enterprises and practitioners, the implementation of credit classification management, according to the difference in credit assessment to be appropriate incentives, warning or disciplinary. According to the nature of illegal acts and the degree of adverse consequences, the corresponding credit evaluation is made on the traffic safety related enterprises and practitioners, to realize the transformation from relying mainly on punishment to the use of credit constraints. Vice Minister of the Ministry of Public Security Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, Huang Ming pointed out in his speech, now the city traffic congestion gradually become the norm, and in some counties the town also appeared signs of congestion. Urban traffic congestion, in addition to urban planning, construction and other aspects of the deep-seated reasons, but also with the law, order disorder has a great relationship. Therefore, the public security staff to adhere to the contrary must be corrected, increase to comply with traffic signals for pedestrians, non motor vehicle Chajiu efforts to increase efforts to deal with illegal parking of vehicles running red lights, drunk driving, drunk driving, drag racing and other serious criminal acts, intensify the management of engineering vehicles, dangerous goods transportation cars, trucks and other key vehicles. On the other hand, the electric bicycle more than 200 million vehicles, most of them belong to exceed the standard electric bicycle, and a large number in the city, mixed with bicycles and pedestrians, seriously disrupting the city traffic order, there is a big security risk. The meeting pointed out that the problem, a radical cure of electric vehicles on the road, one is to develop standard policies, two is strictly standardized management. The traffic police should consciously accept the supervision and law enforcement in the habit of meeting the lens, to thoroughly implement the Ministry of public security "7? 26" standard law enforcement video demonstration training will develop detailed requirements, standards and procedures of law enforcement, and strictly regulate fair and civilized law enforcement to implement the requirements of the whole process of law enforcement activities. In July 26th this year, the Ministry of public security held a national public security organs to standardize law enforcement video presentation training, according to law enforcement police at the scene of the most common and problematic situation, through the video presentation to tell the police what to do, not how.相关的主题文章: