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"The Mekong river bright line in Vientiane start – International – on 14 October," Mekong fuming bright line launch ceremony was held for 14 days in the Lao national ophthalmic center. Chinese ambassador to Laos Guan Huabing, Vice Minister of the Ministry of health in Laos putun? Barapukuria, Laos Foreign Ministry Secretary Mei Lan and economic cooperation senior officials Song Gan attended the ceremony, and "Mekong bright line" on behalf of the organizers Chinese Public Diplomacy Association’s vice president Gong Jianzhong, Chinese Charity Federation Deputy Secretary General Liu Youping for cataract fuming patients with gauze. Vice President Gong Jianzhong said at the ceremony, fuming, "Mekong light plan" was in March this year, was included in the first meeting of leaders of Mei Lan cooperation recognized the "early harvest project list", aims to promote the people’s livelihood in the regional area and the Mekong River as Chinese. "Mekong bright line" is China Public Diplomacy Association and Chinese Charity Federation to carry out collaborative Chinese about charity and medical institutions in foreign countries for the first time in the charity activities, through the joint efforts of all parties to help poor cataract patients to return to the light. Gong Jianzhong said, the organizers, CO organizer of the event and the undertaker is the folk organization, we hope that the mutual understanding and friendship between the people and the surrounding countries China people through enhancing exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign folk. Liu Youping, Deputy Secretary General of the China Charity Federation, delivered a speech at the ceremony. He said that charity without borders, it is the most beautiful, the most common international language. Hope that more charitable forces to focus on, support, participate in the Mekong river bright line and other international charity projects. Lao Vice Minister of health, said Pu Pu, Laos was fortunate enough to become a "bright line of the Mekong River," the first project to receive medical experts in China and the start of the project and the implementation of the country. The plan is to come to the light of the patient to receive treatment for nearly 1500 people, including the implementation of cataract surgery in 200 cases, issued a pair of glasses, 500. The Mekong river bank plans to bring a bright and bright new for cataract patients, which contains the important value and significance of immeasurable, and further strengthen the friendly strategic partnership between the two parties, two governments and old people. "Mekong light plan" as one of the first LAN Mei meeting of leaders of the early harvest program combined with a list of projects. In November 12, 2015, the Lancang – Mekong River Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the Lancang River Mekong cooperation) the first foreign minister will be held in Jinghong City, Yunnan province China. China foreign minister Wang Yi, foreign minister of Thailand, Pakistan, Kampuchea? Mourinho Vinai Deputy Prime Minister and foreign minister of international cooperation He Nanhong, Lao Deputy Prime Minister and foreign minister thongloun sisoulith?, Burma foreign minister Wu Wenna Maung Lun, Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister and foreign minister Fan Pingming attended the meeting, in-depth exchange of views and reached broad consensus on promoting Mei Lan cooperation, published the "Lancang Mekong River will be the first foreign minister cooperation joint press communique". The foreign ministers suggested the establishment of a multi-level cooperation framework in the future of Mei lan. 2016 is the first year of the ASEAN community, it is a crucial year to promote the development of China ASEAN strategic partnership and to implement the results of China ASEAN cooperation. Mei Lan cooperation held in Sanya in March this year for the first time in the meeting of leaders of political security, and economic)相关的主题文章: