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7 car 19 people crowded the overloaded owner or facing 100 thousand yuan penalty overloaded 7 seater (police for map) overload 7 seater (police for map) original title: 7 seater with 19 adults in Chongqing evening news November 2nd 1 noon, Two Rivers District Branch Traffic and patrol police detachment of police in the people and Avenue intersection card inventory, found a Chongqing F brand small ordinary passenger cars driving very slowly. Careful police signalled the car to pull over for inspection, the driver Jeong with smiling out of the car, but did not escape the police looked flustered piercing eye. Police opened the door, really scared. Small car people crowded, a dark. All the passengers get off, carefully, even 18 adults, including the sick and elderly. The car is expected to carry 7 people, plus the driver actually installed a total of 19 people, is a serious overloading of illegal acts. Why squeeze in the car? Passengers told the police that they are from Fengjie to Chongqing. To buy a ticket to the station, the driver heard Zheng shouted outside the station said, sitting in his car while squeeze, but the cheapest fare. It is because of freeloaders, squeeze in more than 4 hours in the car, rushed to Chongqing. Police remind the passengers, not for the sake of cheap black car ride, moreover, the influence of overload brake performance, extremely easy to cause the traffic accident, please do not take life a joke. Or face penalties for 100 thousand yuan the car suspected of driving passenger vehicles (excluding bus) bus, other than passenger cars manned exceed the approved number of more than 20%, in violation of the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law". According to the provisions of article ninetieth of the People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law, the police handed over to the driver fined 2000 yuan, deduct the penalty of 6 points. The car belongs to the illegal operation of the police, the driver Jeong transferred to the traffic enforcement brigade of Liangjiang New Area, Zheng faces 3 to 100 thousand yuan penalty. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: