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"Movie" your name "is introduced during the year is expected to release the entertainment Sohu -" your name "poster" your name "is introduced, is expected to be released in the Sohu entertainment news today, the Japanese cartoon film" your name "Japan Fang Dongbao (Dongbao, Toho, Co., Ltd., China), the introduction of color the joint statement enlight pictures house and its partners, both sides are in the process of the introduction of mainland matters, Chinese audience is expected during the big screen to see the excellent animation style. The famous Japanese animation director Makoto Shinkai: "your name" since August 26th will be released in Japan mouth overflowing, domestic box office has exceeded 11 billion 700 million yen (released 34 days), creating a 2016 Japanese movie box office miracle in native Japanese movie history seventh, and is expected to impact a higher ranking, but it has also become "in addition to Miyazaki Toshito second at the box office breaking 10 billion of Japanese animation director. "Your name" not only achieved good results in Japan, but also achieved a high score of 8.9 on IMDB. The film also detonated high topic in the mainland audience, fans of the film for the introduction of the domestic voice is also rising. From the early "Star" the sound of "cloud end, the agreed place" to the "speed of five cm sec" "leaf" Zhiting, Makoto Shinkai animation has been known for its beautiful and exquisite style, "your name" as the first blockbuster film ", with its ornamental and story the perfect combination, has achieved the success of hitherto unknown. The audience has been praised, the film has been able to be accepted by all levels and age of the story". As the first film company in Japan, the company has issued Dongbao fully deserve, Hayao Miyazaki in the 2001 "spirited away", gains 30 billion 800 million yen at the box office, but also the "detective Conan" "A dream" and other well-known series of issuers. The light color of the house pictures is light media’s focus on high-quality animation and live the fantasy film company, in 2016 with the "big fish" Begonia cut down 560 million yuan at the box office, the highest in the domestic animated film history of second at the box office, and "king return" director Tian Xiaopeng cooperation and its follow-up work. Back in the early days of light color pictures in the house layout of Japanese animation, Japanese investment Tong Yao (Anna Corporation in center, lumira and Access Bright, Japanese Japan, Inc.) in all of Japan’s business agent. Then the light color pictures and introduction of Japan Wu Yao will continue to focus on overseas outstanding animation film. It is reported that your name is about to enter the review process of the introduction of the film, is expected to meet with the audience during the year.相关的主题文章: