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The driver daughter suffering from Beijing severe drops travel – love rescue when in bad weather and countless passengers eager to go home late at night on the street, there are always in time when the driver drops; countless passengers drunkenness, missing items in the car or when an emergency situation, the driver drops can always reach the first time. However, when the driver drops always help passengers groups facing their own plight, when you need help — drops travel, the driver drops all the family, will lend a helping hand, passing warm. Here, love never absent. Passengers love 17:45 on August 5th, Beijing passengers Mr. Wu came home nowadays a bit express orders from Chaoyang District West to Fengtai District, Lian po. On a Friday evening peak, the orders of the driver drops through the congested road to pick up the sea view, to full circle, Mr. Wu was very moved. Mr. Wu is a very careful person, after the car he found the driver is not good, depressed. He thought the driver was uncomfortable, worried about the problem, and quickly asked the situation. In the process of chatting with the driver, Mr. Wu was informed that the driver around the unfortunate experience. 53 year old king of the sea is just a few months to open the new driver, Xuzhou, Jiangsu,, he was in Beijing in order to cut off the daughter to cure. Pick up the king’s daughter 29 years old this year, in 2014 found that the right side of the abdomen is very painful, it seems to have a lump. At that time, Xuzhou’s Hospital misdiagnosed as tumor, surgical resection, but soon relapse. In 2015 he made a suspected cancer, colonoscopy and biopsy, pathological study and cancer cells were not found, this rare illness stumped Xuzhou local doctor. The hospital suggested a half year observation. 2016 in February, her daughter began to intestinal erosion, picked up the sea decided to go to Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Because patients weak can not act, May, Jinghai picked up a man with diagnostic information to the Department of Gastroenterology Xiehe Hospital expert, preliminary judgment this is a rare disease, there may be Crohn’s disease (intestinal inflammation, unexplained at present there is no cure), but is still unable to give a correct conclusion. Expert advice to increase the dose, to October when do a colonoscopy and blood after determined, if necessary, the patient should come to Beijing to check. My daughter died of intestinal erosion can only eat the food, in accordance with the union expert advice has been taking half. And her daughter’s body is also facing difficulties as well as a family livelihood. Pick up the sea king laid off in 2004, these years by a street vendor for a living, seeing her treatment need high medical costs, one family life one disaster after another. In order not to interrupt the source of income, the king of the sea in Beijing during the addition of drops platform, single money. One is to the future daughter in Beijing cure daqianzhan, open and drops a good income, can solve the family economic impoverishment as pressing danger. After Mr. Wu knew what was going on, very sympathetic to pick up the sea view master, he put the wallet in the rest of the 100 yuan in cash all out: "master, you really is not easy, I have no more money, this money is my little mind, you will buy some supplements!" Kindness Haiwan found King rejected Mr. wu. He said he was in Beijing!相关的主题文章: