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People’s daily economic commentary: voluntary reward new consumer demand index – View – whether blacklist, credit, or reward, its purpose is to promote the development of service industry. We expect a reward as a new choice in promoting better service and better consumer relations, play a better role recently in some restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, quietly rising in a western pop "tip" similar "reward" mode. Consumers to voluntarily scan two-dimensional code, to provide satisfactory service personnel reward, while the corresponding "bounty" directly into the personal account service personnel. For the service staff, the reward is outside the normal wage income, not limited by the company, the industry, is undoubtedly an accident of joy. For consumers, is willing to enjoy the quality of service, for the satisfaction of the service to pay additional costs, but also reasonable. In recent years, China’s service consumption continues to upgrade, consumer demand has shifted from the survival of the consumer to enjoy the type of development and consumption. This means that consumers are willing to pay higher prices for better services. It can be said that in the context of active service, voluntary payment, the beneficiaries of the award is not just the service staff, which is behind the consumer satisfaction with the quality of service to enhance the. However, at this stage, there are still some practical problems in China’s consumer market, affecting the positive interaction between supply and demand. On the one hand, most of the current service is difficult to meet the standards of reward. From a practical point of view, China’s service industry is still uneven, leaving aside the quality of service, some of the basic standards of service industry is even difficult to protect. Often buy service but bought a stomach grievances, how to let consumers enjoy most willing to play? On the other hand, consumer habits are difficult to change in the short term. In the traditional concept of service consumption, consumers pay the cost of service personnel has been included in the income, why pay extra fees. And in the view of some consumers, service providers should provide quality services, should not be linked to material incentives. In addition, consumers need to recognize the social status of the service industry practitioners. Based on the equal status of communication, to be able to make the service more in place, more willing to play. Whether it is the recent popular blacklist, red list system, or update the model, such as credit, reward, means behind one after another, its purpose is to promote the development of the service industry. The first half of this year, China’s service industry accounted for the proportion of GDP reached 54.1%, service industry has become a driving force and the steady growth of the main channel of employment, the benign development of major concerns, and every consumer satisfaction is the most important indicator of whether the service industry healthy and orderly development. From this perspective, we look forward to playing as a new option, you can play a better role in promoting better service, better consumer relations. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 25 August 10 Edition) (commissioning editor Wang Qian and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: