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"2" mechanic hair poster Stenson interpretation of relentless faith Sina entertainment news directed by Denis Gansel, Jason Stenson, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Yeoh starred in the crime action movie mechanic 2: "Resurrection" will be released in China in October 21st. Today, the film side issued a set of theme of "dynamic poster killer creed", Jason Stenson sharp top killer extreme cold heart of faith. Three posters were used to RGB color bright, in the full dynamic picture concept of line of sight, with Stenson with awe inspiring pose from the smoke of the "boys" breakthrough, articles in the assassination of the assassin creed baizhanbudai journey. Stenson interprets the first killer invincible belief in 2011, sexy Hollywood action star Jason Stenson is in the "Mechanics" in a perfect interpretation of the ruthless killer Arthur bishop, the exquisite technique of invisible killing in the cause of hot debate. Separated for five years, Jason Stenson in "mechanic 2: Resurrection" again in foreign killer Arthur Bi Xiaopu, with three difficulty of upgrading the assassinations return to the big screen. "Boys" to retreat, to the supremacy of faith. Today "mechanic 2: Resurrection" film released a "killer creed" version of the dynamic posters, through dynamic picture with the visual impact of the highly reduced Jason Statham killer style, and the concise copy reveals top killer belief. The three poster features belong to red green and blue tone is bright, high saturation on the screen, Stenson carrying a gun, eyes, relaxed posture neat, dynamic effects like exposure to the assassination scene. The concept of a poster on the line of sight, seem to show with the killer Arthur bishop is taking a life, tension breathless. The assassin creed three words more decisive: every step, are loyal to the plan; every life, are unexpected; each gun, pointing to heaven. The three sentence reveals "mechanic: Resurrection" in 2 Stenson embarked on a journey to complete the assassination, cold oath three difficult tasks could not stand the top face dangerous targets in the world, he must adhere to the faith, precise planning, once shot never lost. Stenson: I fear the risk all enjoy the action movie with sharp and handsome skill, Jason Stenson has long been among the top Hollywood action star list. Out of love for the action movie, Stenson always put in, "mechanic 2: Resurrection" once again offer a spectacular action drama. He said in an interview: "I want the movie and a lot of people fight, really, take action is risky, but I enjoy the very action movie shooting, not afraid of risk, so has been personally battle." Prior to exposure to the trailer, Stenson suffered a lot of thrilling challenges, in the big and cool effects package, he is still acting neat play action. This time, martial arts actress Michelle Yeoh also joined the mechanic 2: Resurrection, in the film as an old friend of Stenson. She said Stenson humor was the main reason why "seduce" she embarked, and appreciated the way: "I love his hardcore mode of action, and that we do martial arts boxing embroidered flower"相关的主题文章: