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[tour] "Fate GO" with little archaeological souls: " good dragon " Qi Gefei [Sina game Zhuangao, unauthorized reprint] Sina game player [point] travel channel PA column "Fate Grand Order" to bring the souls of the archaeological series for everyone to bring you closer to the historical and mythical hero men. FGO in China from ten 4 300W reservation pick a reward presumably you buddy has to start, today to introduce the spirit is one of them. "Fate Grand Order": "the good souls of archaeological dragon" Qi Gefei in the last column, we understand the Huns emperor "scourge of God" Attila’s deeds, the souls of the several souls in FGO appearances and before the introduction of different, he is not true in history but figures from Norse mythology hero — Qi Gefei. In Norse mythology the Dragon Slayer (Qi Gefei Siegfried, German: Siegfried, Sigurd), the Middle High German epic Nibelungenlied "hero", Richard Vagna’s famous opera "Der ring des Nibelungen" of the protagonist, known to the dragon. In the Nordic myth of Siegfried Wall Song G (Volsung) clan descendants, kill Fafnir the Dragon (Fafnir) of the people, he entered the Alps Dahl Sheehan (Ilndargiail) a distant Castle Peak, this is imprisoned Odin Valkyrie Bren Hilde castle. Siegfried took the Valkyrie helmet, cut her armour, roused her. Then two people fall in love, with a magic ring Siegfried Ann Edward La Nott (Andvarinaut) proposed to her, promised to marry her back. "The Nibelungenlied" in "the Nibelungenlied", youth from around the travel adventure, he is mighty and bold and decisive to conquer and occupy a large amount of wealth, and to kill Fafnir the Dragon Sword gram, made the Nibelungen treasure and a top mysterious stealth helmet. At the same time has almost become the king of the body in the bath invulnerability of dragon’s blood, but because of a Bodhi leaf falling shoulder, so this place will become his body blood not only Achilles heel. Qi Gefei and Qi Gefei heard Hilde Krim Burgundian Princess Hilde Krim (Kriemhild) decided to marry him, bewitchingly charming, but king Gontel of Burgundy (Gunther) is to help Qi Gefei before he married queen Brunhild of Iceland (Brynhild) as for marriage permission conditions. Then with the magic of Siegfried stealth helmet, help Gontel wish to obtain, but it left a curse. To know the truth about Hilde and Hilde into a Bren suit the incompatible situation, Qi Gefei decided to own death to solve this contradiction, he begged friend Hagen to kill himself, but also understand their Hagen is the only one who can do it agreed to Qi Gefei’s request, the spurs.相关的主题文章: