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Behind the glamorous reporter, how much to pay the cost of health? Health – Sohu (author: Deng Wenhua, two national public nutritionist, original works, please indicate the number of public knowledge is power from WeChat) in November 8th for ordinary people, ordinary, but there is such a group in China, November 8th is part of their holiday, they are the "prime minister" – China commoner reporter. With the development of the society more and more news into the public view, the reporter’s dedication. A reporter said many people think their occupation is tall, but behind the glossy, and how much to pay the price of health? (pictures from the network) review in recent years journalists have died in the case, to journalists health worry, and this problem has been promoted to the focus of concern of social occupation groups, especially journalists in this industry. Because the working relationship, from the early, sleep late, the pressure is relatively large their normal. Regardless of wind, rain, or a variety of natural disasters in front of the reporter’s shadow will never be. Sometimes they just want to capture an attractive lens, a focus of the case. In the busy news for the whole day, a large part of the body of the reporter showed a sub healthy state, causing the health of the reasons for the reporter what? (pictures from the network) caused reporters sub-health state of the culprit in the reporter this industry, there is no real rest. In our country a lot of reporters’ work and rest time is contrary to the normal people, often black and white upside down, even in order to get the exclusive news or the latest news, often two or three days or even longer. Often stay up late, and so are the causes of insomnia at night reporter. The reporter’s pace of life is too fast, eating no rules. Some reporters in order to sleep more, eat less breakfast. A phone, carrying a camera to run out of the news hot". So come back at night often work late into the night, dinner with bread, instant noodles, ham sausage and other lower nutritional value of food to eat. As time goes by, a lot of reporters are very unfortunate suffering from gastrointestinal diseases. At the same time because of the irregular diet is also very easily lead to the occurrence of pancreatitis, even for a long time do not eat breakfast, choledocholithiasis, obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, heart disease, pancreatic cancer and other diseases will increase. The job of a journalist is sacred, but having a healthy body is very important for journalists. In order to journalists and friends of health, do the following three points in daily life, can effectively alleviate the symptoms of the disease during the period of Occupation: replenish moisture body weight is more than 60% from the water, and often stay up late to work overtime reporters are often drinking less, easy to cause the body water loss; proper water, can not only protect the body adequate water, but also can reduce the occurrence of inflammation. (picture from the network) to add high-quality protein, vitamin protein is the highest quality constitutes the most basic material for the reporter is particularly important, t相关的主题文章: