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Ma Long medal painters interpretation: shrouded in Chinese earth auspicious clouds – Sohu sports October 16th the Great Wall marathon will be run at the foot of the Mutianyu Great Wall, as the world’s only named cultural landmark international marathon, the Great Wall marathon was born by the people’s attention, and the emergence of the Great Wall Marathon painting is a medal a journey can retain traces of art for the runners, runners can be embedded in their medals, the one and only record their honor.   the first the Great Wall marathon medals medals on 2016 draw today we draw the main screen of the creator, is also the contemporary thinkers, senior media people, the "leader" magazine, "consensus" network responsible person Mr. Zhou Zhixing had an exclusive interview, let us together to understand the story behind the painting medal.     the 2016 the Great Wall marathon medal painting picture reporter: how do you fall in love with the the Great Wall marathon? Zhou Zhixing: last year in the the Great Wall marathon I entrusted by the organizing committee invited Japanese writer is also runner Haruki Murakami to long horse, but Haruki Murakami was unable to attend because of personal reasons, so I drew a portrait of Haruki Murakami to the the Great Wall marathon. I think it’s very new and meaningful to hold a marathon in the Great Wall, so this year I’m going to send this the Great Wall painting to express my blessing for the the Great Wall marathon. Reporter: how long did you draw this picture of the Great Wall? How is it done? Zhou Zhixing: it took me about 5 days to finish the work. Reporter: at the beginning of creation, how do you conceive this work? Zhou Zhixing: I think the most important thing to do is to highlight the the Great Wall marathon the Great Wall, so draw the Great Wall. I began to learn painting since last year, the original did not learn, is the beginning of painting characters, and now all kinds of subjects are involved. In the beginning of creation I think many people have painted the the Great Wall, I’m not a professional painter, from the technical level that I can not match the professional artist, but I have been in the creation of full sincerity, sincerity in which I believe will be painted with emotion, can speak a unique story. Reporter: what is your creative idea of this painting? Zhou Zhixing: To observe the picture carefully, you can find I painted a colorful flower auspicious clouds in the sky, I think now in Chinese mass sports activities are flourishing, which means that Chinese is a step toward a health oriented way of life, and this is not a China earth shrouded in auspicious clouds, our the Great Wall marathon will be the spirit of the Chinese nation on the Great Wall and by the combination of ancient Greek origin of the ultimate challenge of the ultimate marathons, driven by more and more people to participate in sports craze running, and guide the public attention to the national cultural treasures of the the Great Wall, this is a a very positive energy event, so I put the focus on the auspicious clouds painting this picture. Reporter: the overall tone of the painting is red, the performance of the autumn scenery, right? Zhou Zhixing: Yes, because the marathon was held in the fall!相关的主题文章: