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British media: Super League defeat is the best level of national football has been used to insult country full caused in the international hit sina sports team in Xi’an in China home court 0-1 against Syria in the flames of war, China teams from the 12 season of gloom. The British media have also carried out follow-up reports, the sun on the sharp criticism of China’s overall football ecological environment. "The sun" first pointed out that China is regarded as a global super power, one will win the world cup in 22 years in the country. But they are facing a lot of problems, for example, is full of super lazy players and overrated mercenaries. "The sun" reporter Justin Alan flew to Shanghai, and then found Erickson at the Shanghai port, even the home court half the people are not filled. The sun that super low level Justin cites his observation and the problems found in the super 1, in some local players earn only 1/15 foreign aid, which makes them very uncomfortable. 2, foreign aid and coaches are generally filled with a feeling that Chinese players will not become the top players of professional ethics. 3, scalpers in most cases were unprofitable. 4, Chinese football only and the League (Third Division) is. 5, people flocked to the bar to see the ball, but look at the premier league. Justin concluded that it is no wonder that Chinese businessmen would rather go to England to buy the team than to invest in china. The Orangemen repeatedly humiliated in the national football match in Syria, "the sun" carried out follow-up reports: "forget the wonders of Iceland, 1 billion 350 million people in the country, lose at home to war torn Syria. Although China’s goal is to win the world cup in 2038, it looks like they are getting further and further away." "The sun" is more than the foreign aid system called "apartheid", because of the high income of foreign aid is amazing "Hulk income only Messi, C Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic Paley and earn a salary." Finally, the sun said that although the Chinese government hopes the country will be able to win the world cup in 2038, but so far, the country has just been humiliated again and again. (Zi Quan)相关的主题文章: