Durant in the library of 27 quasi three double negative score warriors upset the Lakers-特命战队go busters

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Durant in the library of 27 quasi three double negative score warriors upset the Lakers so cold! Sina sports news Beijing time on November 5th, warriors like sleepwalking, away to 97-117 defeat to the lakers. Small [accurately hit the Lakers wins points! At the same time predict more than tomorrow event Warriors (4-2) four winning streak end. Stephen curry scored three ball 10 throw in 0, 157 consecutive three points per game record ending, finished with 13 points and 11 assists. Kevin – Durant scored 27 points and 5 rebounds, Raymond – Green 16 points and 9 rebounds, Craig – Thompson three points 10 shots, 10 points. The warriors scored three points in the game with 32 shots of 5. Lakers coach Luke – Walton (3-3) the first time to face old club warriors, broke the sleeper. Julius Randle scored 20 points and 14 rebounds, Dean Gilo – Russell 17 points, Nick Young 12. The bench to play well, Lewis – Williams 20 points, Larry nance and Blanton Ingram each had 12 points. A team for the thunder Durant outlet, help him beat the old club thunder. Today the warriors fighting back to back and they will encounter the enemy. Lakers coach Walton last season is a warrior and Ta, the Lakers paid to poach. It was the first time he had ever faced a former boss. The strength of both sides is not on one level, the warriors are headed for the championship, and the Lakers have been able to meet the playoffs. But after the opening, the Lakers are more like a championship team, the warriors like Yunan troops. Russell hit three points on the opening, and then three in the penalty, the Lakers to start a wave of 8-0. The warrior splash brothers are not in the state, three points not frequently, and even worse, they constantly mistakes, mistakes the first quarter reached 8 times, is completely out of feeling. At the end of the first quarter, Blake air relay storm buckle, the Lakers lead by 24-12. The warriors three ball 7 shots, but in this section the last attack, Iguodala buzzer hit three points, they are still behind 15-24. The warriors were exhausted and defensive. Beginning of the second quarter, Black for an alley OOP dunk, the Lakers have the basket, more than half of this section, they lead to 46-27. Curry and Thompson two people have failed to hit three points, and two people have hit three non stick, which is very rare in the previous game. Warriors adjusted the game, Green scored two consecutive baskets, they played a wave of climax, the score became 41-52. But the Lakers played the momentum, Nick Yang and Luol Deng have hit three points, the Lakers opened the gap, to the end of the first half 65-49. This festival has lost 41 points. The first half of three the warriors 17 shots only 2, curry and Thompson two are 6 shots. Warriors only play Durant normal, got 10 points. The Lakers scored 21 points in the third quarter. In this section, Thompson finally hit two record three points. This section, he received Curitiba pass, hit three points, Durant then OOP dunks, warriors will narrow the gap to a single digit, behind only 68-75. Yong)相关的主题文章: