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Warm up: Qatar 2-1 reversed the Russian war China best Huang Bowen: training to do Lippi will scold don’t care about Qatar sports in November 11th in order to prepare for the Tencent who suspended this month 15 days away and China team 12 finals in Doha, Qatar team and the Russian team warm-up match, losing a ball in Qatar under the condition of the final 2-1 beat rival, the state had caused the attention Chinese team. Currently, Qatar in the top 12 games in the top 3 and negative, ranking group of fifth, while the Chinese team ranked the last one of the top 3 negative in 1. November 15th, the Chinese team will be at home against Qatar, which is also the Chinese team’s new coach Lippi’s official game debut, for the two teams, the game who can not afford to lose. In order to better prepare for the game, Chinese and Wuhan zall team played a practice match, and Qatar has invited the 2018 World Cup host Russian team. Fifth minutes in the first half, the Russian team won the penalty, Samer Dov shot angle is very tricky, although Qatar goalkeeper fighting also failed to stop the ball into the net, Russia’s leading 1-0. Twenty-eighth minutes, Qatar also won a penalty, but Majid will be fined. Thirty-fifth minutes, Qatar team once again created a penalty, Ibrahim kick easily hit, will tie 1-1. Seventy-second minutes, Qatar team on a corner kick into the box, before Bodiff header succeeded. Eighty-seventh minutes, Russia once again won the penalty, but failed to hit the final 2-1 Keke Lin, Qatar beat strong russia. (Gerd)相关的主题文章: