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Levels Guozihao winless, where hope China football? Sohu sports the evening of November 13th, U22 international tournament final round in Wuhan Sports Center, the National Youth 1 to 2 loss to Mexico youth team, 3 and 2 flat 1 negative bottom. The 12 race, the Orangemen 4 War 1 flat 3 negative bottom, Chinese football is the status quo. So, people will want to turn to the 95, 97 young people gathered in the national youth should not in the foot of big brother "evil", should be able to come to the country foot big brother long face with victory in the game. At the end of October, known as the "97 golden generation" youth in Yaqingsai 1 flat 2 negative team bottom out. This month, as most of the players Liuyang or abroad returned 95 national youth tournament, U22 2 flat 1 negative bottom. Three Guozihao in September, October and November were wins is hard to find, this topic again, don’t expect tomorrow the Orangemen victory over Kunming in Qatar to teach Chinese young boy how to win? This is obviously a tear! After a lapse of 15 years, the country once again scored the final stage of the World Cup qualifier in Asia, but from the top 10 games into the top 12. Different with the popular, this time the Orangemen can last 12 games too narrowly, will be attributed to Gao Hongbo, as it is in Philippines to carry forward the "spirit of internationalism" against North Korea will sent to the Orangemen 12 match. 12 before the 4 war, the Orangemen played that a depressed, you can’t stand, at least can not kneel! Gao Hongbo’s ability is a fundamental reason is that, Chinese football is the current situation, 4 and 1 flat 3 negative bottom, which reflects the true level of Chinese football, if it is ranked in the top three, but is not normal. Demoralized, fans unhappy, change is the only option. How big is Lippi? Do not have to cite his brilliant past coaching experience, no doubt, by him to coach the country, this is the best choice. But Lippi can change the status quo of Chinese football? Be able to cure the already serious illness in the body of Chinese football? Lippi even with excellent means of cure medicine that is incapable of action. In these years the national youth once people muddle along without any aim, see hope. The 93 national youth, impact of the Rio Olympics after the failure of the mission has been completed, construction has ceased to exist, the best players in the help, it is Liao Lisheng, Liu Binbin, Luo Senwen and Xie Pengfei who can play in the super ball, now have a national team. 97 Guoqing, Zhang Yuning, Lin Liangming, because of the small Yang Liyu, Huang Cong, Huang Chuang, most of the players in Europe Liuyang, once known as the "97 golden generation", but this is too grandiose. At the end of July, the 97 national youth to participate in the Weifang Cup International Youth Football Tournament, only a few of Zhang Yuning, Lin Liangming, Huang Cong and a few other people, most of all in the main. The second half of the final group encounter Japan Kashima antlers, this is the detachment of a local student in Japan, and older than the national youth small two years old, most of them are afraid of people in this life no Guozihao into Japan, but is such a team, the National Youth kuanggong 90 minutes can get into the ball, by point.相关的主题文章: