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NBA North American military Seattle come back to life? There is no new arena is the key will be back? Sina sports news Beijing time on October 14th, according to the "SB Nation" reports, the news on TV with the new signing agreement, NBA North American military has also been put on the agenda. Some experts believe that Seattle can re welcome back NBA the team depends on having the right venue, in addition to as many as 9 city may become Seattle’s rival. NBA both sides close to sign new labor agreement, and is expected to improve the final details in the next few weeks, after NBA announced the signing of a new TV deal at the same time, there is news that the rich NBA will also be expansion (including the United States, North America, Canada and Mexico) put on the schedule. The problem lies in the location. How big is it possible for Seattle to have a NBA team again? It is reported that NBA has confirmed that they will not try to move away from the city of 30 teams. After all, they will move to Seattle from Seattle Oklahoma in 2008, and renamed the thunder a thing, all of this mixed, they do not want to repeat it. Recently, the "NBA North American military buildup has been put on the schedule is?" Interviewed a number of media and alliances. 57 of the respondents declined to comment or expressed ignorance, the other 43 are different answers, but most believe that Seattle can provide the venue for the NBA match is the key to the. The following are some excerpts: "no answer to the venue, (30 league team) may have only 14 teams, or 16 team in favor of expansion." "I have heard that 14 teams in favor of expansion." "This (military) absolutely has been included in the schedule, and the ongoing discussion in the." "There are 2 teams who voted against it, and the other team may change their mind." "If Seattle can build a new arena, NBA teams may be in favor of expansion." "As long as Seattle approved the construction of a new arena, they will receive an invitation for an hour after NBA." No new arena, supersonic will not back to life, is so simple. The industry said, if you miss this opportunity, Seattle people may have to wait until 2050 to see the NBA game in the local. According to informed sources, in the new collective bargaining agreement after the release of NBA in early December this year, the late next year in February all star weekend announced the expansion of the news. Seattle will face many city competition, the prospective applicants including Luis Weil (they are ready), Pittsburgh, Omaha, Las Vegas, Vancouver, BC (seemingly refers to the Canadian province of British Columbia), Mexico City, Kansas City and Saint Louis. Among them, in addition to Luis Weil, Las Vegas, BC and Mexico City, other cities have had NBA team. (Chi Mei) statement: Sina exclusive articles, reproduced please indicate the source.相关的主题文章: