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Small decorative groom charming suit tie collocation guide lead: the bride is the absolute protagonist of the wedding, but it is equally important to groom wedding protagonist oh. So the dress can not be ignored, which one is the most important tie accessories collocation, the following Xiaobian to recommend the latest groom tie collocation guide. It’s very important to wear a wedding tie and a wedding dress. Many grooms choose bow tie. So how do you do the groom’s dress bow tie? Let’s take a look at the latest groom’s bow tie guide, so that different styles of bow tie with different styles of suits, make you more handsome. Tie the knot guide classic suit collocation sexy Scorpio man not only has the first male American nickname, the red carpet has been outstanding, classic tie is that he often choose to attend formal occasions. Suit tie collocation guide classic black tie duyaerdan "gentleman uniform" type of closure collar three piece barge collocation men and black tie dress with red carpet is common in the wing, the tuxedo shirt collar shirt was in exclusive, wearing a suit jacket, a classical taste. Suit tie collocation blue tie guide Wim Wenders had "the opera must wear a tuxedo, spend a lot of money" witty sayings, in this year’s Oscar personally interpretation of the double breasted modified a similar suit coat tails. A black and white male guests on the red carpet, Wenders blue glasses and the same color tie is quite striking, echoing his messy gray hair, is impressive. Suit tie Brad Gurley J Ki wide collocation guide is a hundred-percent "tie control", a bow tie is his favorite, the stylist of tie collocation is perfected, regardless of the type of suit, the collocation can be just perfect. Suit tie knot straight guide collocation dare to try to tie straight male star is not much, it is because the high requirements for the men’s temperament straight tie, wear will not seem neither fish nor fowl, by virtue of the unique qualities of Ryan slimmer and refined and somewhat rebellious, easy to navigate the flat Tie Suit Tie collocation guide Diamond – Diamond – bow tie compared with other models is more delicate, like Jesse on clothing demanding metrosexual man is also very high, the natural requirement of the tie, the tie is not only long neck talents fit, like choosing chic models like diamond can decorate a relatively short neck region V. Suit tie collocation guide above is small as we bring the latest groom tie collocation guide, the wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, therefore, you usually neglect the groom at this time but don’t look sloppy oh. Article source (long marriage nets)

小小装饰让新郎魅力十足 西装领结搭配指南   导语:新娘是婚礼的绝对主角,但是新郎也是同等重要的婚礼主角哦。所以新郎装扮也不能忽视,其中,最重要的一个搭配配饰就是领结,下面小编就为大家推荐最新新郎领结搭配指南。 西装领结搭配指南   婚礼新郎礼服搭配很重要,很多新郎会选择领结,那么如何做好新郎礼服领结搭配呢?下面来看看最新新郎领结搭配指南,让不同款式的领结搭配不同款式的西装,让你更加帅气潇洒。 西装领结搭配指南   经典结   这位性感的天蝎座男人不仅拥有美剧第一猛男的昵称,在红毯方面也一直表现出色,经典领结是他经常出席正式场合的选择。 西装领结搭配指南   经典黑色领结   杜雅尔丹“绅士制服”式的戗驳领三件套男装和黑色领结的搭配是红毯男星里的常见打扮,翼尖领衬衫本是燕尾服的专属衬衫,被他配在西装外套里面穿着,颇有古典味道。 西装领结搭配指南   宝蓝色领结   维姆-文德斯曾有“看歌剧一定要穿燕尾服、花很多钱”的诙谐名言,在今年的奥斯卡上更亲自演绎了一件类似风衣的双排扣改良燕尾服。在红毯上男嘉宾的一片黑白之中,文德斯的宝蓝色眼镜和同色领结颇为引人注目,呼应他凌乱的灰发,让人印象极为深刻。 西装领结搭配指南   宽大结   布拉德-戈雷斯基是一位不折不扣的“领结控”,宽大领结是   他的最爱,这位造型师对领结的搭配可谓掌握得炉火纯青,不论何种西服,都能搭配的恰到好处。 西装领结搭配指南   平直结   敢于尝试平直领结的男明星并不多,那是因为平直领结对男士气质的要求极高,戴不好就会显得不伦不类,瑞恩凭借健美的身材和儒雅又带点叛逆的独特气质,轻松驾驭平直领结 西装领结搭配指南   钻石菱形领结   钻石菱形领结比起其他款式显得更为精致,像杰西这样对服装要求严格的型男,自然对领结也有很高的要求,领结并非只有长脖子的人才适合,像这样选择别致的钻石款一样能修饰颈部较短的V区。 西装领结搭配指南   以上就是小编为大家带来的最新新郎领结搭配指南,婚礼毕竟是一辈子一次的大事,因此,各位平时疏于打扮的新郎这时候可不要再马虎了哦。   文章来源(久久结婚网)相关的主题文章: