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Amazing! The Pentagon trillion budget proposal with 3D printing technology for UAV – Sohu of The Pentagon in 2017 budget, the U.S. Department of Defense Secretary Ash Carter has put forward several military plans, it is interesting that in the budget list, there is 3D printing four rotor unmanned machine. On Tuesday, at the The Economic Club, Carter highlighted the global challenges that the U.S. Department of defense is facing, outlining the defense spending in 2017, totaling $582 billion 700 million. Facing the threat of the United States, Carter divides them into five points: Russia’s invasion of Europe; China’s rise in the Asia Pacific region; North Korea; Iran; and the confrontation with ISIS and other terrorist organizations. Ash Carter Carter, Secretary of defense of the United States, also emphasizes the importance of Cyber Defense. He claims that "today, we need to focus not only on three aspects of air and sea, but also on networks, space and electronic warfare.". The United States is leading the world in science and technology, and it is an advantage, but it is also likely to become a weakness for the enemy to take advantage of." According to 3D tiger, in Carter’s speech, 3D printing UAV also occupies a place in many national defense projects. Allegedly, these 3D printed pilotless aircraft will be manufactured by commercial components, but Carter refused to disclose whether these small UAVs will cause explosion, he explained: "these 3D printed micro UAV flight speed is very fast, strong resistance. They can fly in strong wind." Other national defense projects also include autonomous ships, which can be connected to a series of tasks through the Internet; an electromagnetic railgun, with a range of up to 4500 miles per hour, will be used in naval forces. 4500mph’s railgun, what do you think of the 3D print UAV defense program?. Further information about the U.S. defense program, 3D tiger will continue to be concerned about. This article is written by 3D tiger! Reprinted please indicate the source " 3D tiger " learn more 3D printing information, focus on 3D tiger WeChat public number "daily3dhoo""

惊人!五角大楼千亿预算提案含3D打印无人机-搜狐科技   针对2017年五角大楼财政预算,美国国防部秘书长Ash Carter接连提出了几项军事计划,有意思的是,在这些预算清单中,有一样是3D打印四旋翼无人机。   查看原文:   本周二,在华盛顿特区经济学会(The Economic Club)上,Carter强调了美国国防部正在面临的全球挑战,对2017年的国防经费做出了概述,这些经费共计5827亿美元。针对美国所面临的威胁,Carter将它们分为了五点:俄罗斯对欧洲的侵略;中国在亚太的崛起;朝鲜;伊朗;以及与ISIS和其他恐怖组织的对抗。      美国国防部秘书长Ash Carter   Carter还强调了网络防御的重要性,他声称“在如今,需要注重的不仅仅是海陆空三方面,还包括网络、太空、电子战争。美国的科技发展处于世界领先地位,是一项优势,但同时也很有可能成为敌人加以利用的弱点。”   据3D虎了解,在Carter的演说中,3D打印无人机在诸多国防项目中也占有一席之地。据称,这些3D打印无人驾驶飞机将由商业化部件制造,不过Carter拒绝透露这些小型无人机是否会引起爆炸,他解释说:“这些3D打印微型无人机飞行速度相当快,抵抗力十分强。它们可以在强风状态下飞行。”   其他国防项目还包括自动驾驶船,可以通过网络连接,完成一系列任务;一个电磁轨道炮,每小时射程可达4,500英里,将会用在海军力量上。      4,500mph 的轨道炮   大家对上述3D打印无人机国防项目有什么看法,不妨告诉我们哦。关于美国国防项目的进一步信息,3D虎也会持续保持关注。   本文由3D虎原创!转载请注明来源 "3D虎 "   了解更多3D打印资讯,关注3D虎微信公众号“daily3dhoo”相关的主题文章: