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Business agency: iron ore face three bad – reporter Wang Zhuying recently, the strong performance of the iron ore Futures – the main contract opened at the beginning of 1605 ($321) in early January 12th to unilateral down briefly touched 300 yuan mark, then climbed at the end to close at 321 yuan, a large V type trend in January. After February, the iron ore remained strong. In February, the 2 daily newspaper closed 326 yuan, rising nearly 2%, the highest point in the past 3 months (the last price appeared in the middle of 2015 November). In contrast to the trend of the futures business, agency data show that iron ore spot price of 330 yuan tons in January at the beginning of the month, at the end of the month the price of 332 yuan tons, up 0.54%. China’s commodity development research center (CDRC) latest data show that iron ore in February CCI (bulk commodity confidence index) was 0.02, followed by January again after Yang (January iron ore CCI was 0.14). In February, FPI (commodity future price index) was 2.06 (corresponding to the future price of 338 yuan), the first quarter and annual average price forecast also significantly improved than the previous forecast. In this regard, the Secretary General of the CDRC, "market +" author Liu Xintian pointed out that although the iron ore market heat and confidence has been restored, but the need to guard against the late iron ore fell cliff. CDRC analysis, the reason why the recent iron ore will appear more strong market, mainly due to the iron and steel enterprises before the reserve and the recent steel downstream market warming. While the downstream market to pick up, on the one hand, the downstream pre storage factors, in addition to the recent national high-profile announced the good steel production capacity. Liu Xintian pointed out that the face of iron ore in February short and long-term three bad – short term, before storing is over, and the Spring Festival holiday will make the demand for merchandise; medium term, commodity is still a downward cycle, the iron ore difficult to own; long term, iron and steel production capacity to Chinese will undoubtedly make the international iron ore suppliers face "nothing embarrassing, believe that the iron ore production capacity to more than the steel manufacturing industry will be difficult to capacity, oversupply of iron ore will become worse. Liu Xintian is expected in February 2016, iron ore futures prices may fall, futures prices have "jumping" risk. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

生意社:铁矿石面临三利空   □本报记者 王朱莹   近期,铁矿石期货表现强劲—主力合约1605年初高开(321元)上旬单边下行至1月12日短暂触及300元关口,其后一路攀升,月末报收321元,1月走势呈大V型。进入2月后,铁矿石依旧坚挺,2月2日报收326元,上涨近2%,是近3个月来的最高点(上次这一价位出现在2015年的11月中旬)。与期货走势形成鲜明对比的是,生意社数据显示,铁矿石现货1月月初价330元 吨,月末价332元 吨,微涨0.54%。   中国大宗商品发展研究中心(CDRC)最新数据显示,铁矿石2月CCI(大宗商品信心指数)为0.02,继1月之后再次收阳(1月铁矿石CCI为0.14)。2月FPI(大宗商品未来价格指数)为2.06(对应未来价格338元),一季度及年度均价预测也较此前预测有明显抬升。对此,CDRC秘书长、《市场+》作者刘心田指出,虽然铁矿石市场热度和信心都有所恢复,但需要警惕铁矿石后期跳崖式下跌。   CDRC分析,之所以近期铁矿石会出现较强势行情,主要原因是受钢铁企业节前备储及近期钢铁下游市场回暖影响。而下游市场回暖则一方面有下游节前备储因素,另外还有近期国家高调宣布钢铁去产能的利好。刘心田指出,2月铁矿石面临短中长期三大利空—短期来看,节前备储已然结束,而春节假期将会制造需求断档期;中期来看,大宗商品仍处下行大周期,铁矿石难独善其身;长期来看,中国钢铁去产能无疑使国际铁矿石供应商面临“断炊”的尴尬,相信铁矿石的去产能难度会甚于钢铁制造业的去产能,铁矿石的供应过剩局面会越来越恶化。刘心田预期,2016年2月铁矿石现期货价格都可能回落,期货价格有“跳崖”风险。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: