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Wine-Spirits If you need to know how to pop a champagne bottle with a knife, prepare for the practice, because we have several essential tips just for this. First, were going to speak about setting everything you need for properly popping the bottle. Then, were going to talk about popping the bottle in two different ways, using your kitchen knife. Its a good idea to try to open the bottle while you read this, so go get several bottles of champagne to practice. You will likely open some really expensive champagne bottles with this technique so you should exercise with at least 4 bottles. First, go buy a crate of really low-priced champagne brands, and a regular kitchen knife. You dont need a big kitchen knife, but it should have a thick blunt side. It works better if the bottles are chilled enough. First step is removing the outer foil, then we have two options : to take off the wire cage, or to keep it on. If you keep the wire, you have to shake the champagne bottle really well to produce pressure inside the bottle. If you remove the wire, it is important to not shake the bottle because the cork could pop when you won’t be ready. If you’re doing this for the first time, choose the first option. Its easier to open and to practice it. Take a piece of dry cloth and clean the bottle. Make sure its dry. Discover the seam on the bottle. The seam is where the 2 halves of the bottle unite. Take the knife and position it on the seam. It has to be with the dull side ahead. Position the blade at a small angle with the bottle. If the angle is too large, youll likely fail the blow. When youre ready to try the first shot, hold the bottle in one hand and with the right hand slide the kitchen knife firmly with a quick and powerful blow until the bottle cracks. Ordinarily the top of the bottle will break and fly with the cork. Count the fact that each time you miss, the bottle shakes and the pressure grows, so point the cork away at all times. If you choose not to remove the wire cage then youre going to need a firmer strike. Use a wider knife. Napoleons officers used their swords to pop one of the most expensive champagne. If you have a blade or a spade, youll surely draw a lot of attention at your party. But for us, the everyday people, just stick to a regular kitchen knife. This is enough to get you started. Buy several champagne bottles, pick the champagne brands carefully and begin practicing. Practice makes perfect. We gave you the tips, but its up to you to crack one of the most expensive champagne bottles at your party using a plain kitchen knife. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: