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Legal Do you know any debt collector using abusive languages or conducting unfair or deceptive practices to collect due payments from you or your known ones? Yes, it may happen if you are running short of paying the bills or there is a falsified creditors report against you. Means, a debt collector is after you. How do you categorize a debt collector? Well, as per the nations consumer protection agency (FDCPA) , The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act debt collectors could be collection agencies or any .panies that buy felonious debts and recollect them or any lawyer who deals with debt collection on a regular basis for his/her clients. Want to refrain from debt collectors invasion? Now if a consumer like you is getting threatening calls from such debt collectors at inconvenient times or places, for example before 8 in the morning or after 9 in the night, you hardly have any option other than stopping them from contacting you. How to do that? Before you intend to resolve the matter, get convinced about your debt liability after speaking to the collector. Still not done, just tell your collector in writing. The process Your activities would start once the collector sends you a written validation notice and tells you how much money you are indebted within first 5 days of their contact with you. If you feel you dont owe any or all of the money, use the rights to ask for the verification. After the validation notice is received you need to send the letter within 30 days only. Draft a copy of your letter, send it through certified mail and pay for a return receipt so that you can keep a proof of the letter received by the collector. This can be useful while taking specific actions like filing a lawsuit. Obviously sending such a letter to debt collectors doesnt mean you are free from the debt. It would just ensure you free from his/her contact. Bypassing the legal hassle: Attorney help Now here is an important and quite obvious question rises. Can a debt collector contact someone else for your debts? Yes, if you hire a debt collection attorney from a Debt Collection Law Firm representing your case, you would get relieved from the hassle. But if you dont have any lawyer the collectors may contact any third party, but for single time only. This is just to find out your address, phone number or office address i.e. the local information. Debt collectors are strictly prohibited to discuss any debt related issues with anyone other than you, your spouses or your attorney. Know the limit of the debt collectors: Knowing the practices restricted for your debt collectors may give you the sigh of relief. Debt collectors are not supposed to be involved with any harassment, false statements, and unfair practices with the debtor. In fact they are not authorized to entitle any legal action against you not even sell your property or wages unless permitted by laws. However make it a point that all the benefits in your favor have to be in true and honest approach. If the debt collector sues you in charge of not paying the debt, the court judgment may issue a garnishment order against you. Here any third party, say your bank would pay the debt by turning over funds from your account. Whatever is your situation, collecting reliable information on debt collection policies (say from an online lawyer directory ) or debt collection attorney can be your great need indeed. About the Author: Debt collection and its legal .plexities are often critical as suggested by Ashley Smith, a legal analyst from a Debt Collection Law Firm, New York. He bagged enough experience on the legal tools to fight against unruly debt collectors in the city. Keep a close watch for his next article collections. Article Published On: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: