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News-and-Society Gone are the days of stuffy, boring garden parties. Today’s outdoor events are warm, and casual — if you’d like to add a true "wow" factor to your next outdoor gathering, rent a projector and let the fireworks begin. As we enter into warmer, more pleasant weather, entertaining slowly but surely begins to move outdoors. The term "garden party" may conjure up images of refined ladies in wide brimmed hats demurely sipping iced tea or lemonade while nibbling on cucumber sandwiches. But this needn’t be the theme for your garden party. Put simply, a garden party is any gathering held outdoors, with light refreshments served. Best of all, there’s no "occasion" necessary for a garden party – you can simply invite some friends and neighbors over for snacks and conversation, and there’s no need to fuss over your home being immaculate, since the group plans to gather outdoors. Today, some ladies prefer to host garden parties to get to know new neighbors, or to collect together for some "girl time." Whatever the reason, it’s fun and easy to incorporate a rental projector into your garden party plans. High-lumen LCD projectors function quite well in bright sunlight, or you can always choose a shaded wall or corner of the garden for your display. If you’re wondering what to showcase with a rental projector, consider that the possibilities are endless. You might want to gather the girls for an outdoor movie with cocktails, or plan a fun and ice-breaking game, such as "guess whose baby picture this is." Alternatively, if you’re planning to gather with friends you’ve known for some time, you can create a fast and memorable slide show featuring photos of you and all your friends. Another great reason for a garden party is to share photographs from high school (or earlier), from one of the gal’s weddings (whether recent or not), or from a recent trip or vacation you’ve all taken together. Likewise, a rental projector and a garden party offer a fun and unique way to pitch an idea – such as an trip or cruise together, a business venture, or a scrapbooking club. Once you begin to consider the possibilities available with a rental projector, you’ll find an endless supply of potential ideas. When you extend your invitations (whether by snail mail, email, telephone or online invitation service), be sure to include the dress code, which may be casual, resort casual, dressy casual, snappy casual or ".e as you are." Additionally, mention whether you’d like your guests to bring anything with them (wine, a dessert or dish to share, one of their baby pictures, etc.) Once you’ve hosted your first garden party, don’t be surprised if your friends decide they’d like to host the next one — and why not? It’s fun, easy, and a great reason for good friends to gather together. Have fun planning your next garden party! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: