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Travel-and-Leisure Should you wish to take a Grand Canyon chopper excursion, you will need to choose between the West Rim and the South Rim. Difficult decision because both are spectacular. Here’s a breakdown of the rims designed to make your choice easy: Grand Canyon West (West Rim) The West Rim is 120 miles west of Las Vegas on Hualapai Indian tribal lands. It takes a helicopter 45 minutes to get there, making it a fantastic excursion for those who are low on time and can only spare half a day. Additionally it is well-known for this: The Grand Canyon Glass Walkway and helicopter tours that land at the bottom. The "glass bridge" is made up of 44 imported glass panels that cost $250,000 each. This glass deck runs 70 feet past the edge and suspends you 4,000 feet over the Colorado River. An engineering miracle, the bridge is able to endure magnitude 8 earthquakes and wind gusts greater than 100 miles-per-hour. Cameras along with other personal electronics are restricted; photographers are around to take your picture. Tip: Be sure that the Glass Walkway is packaged into your helicopter tour at time of purchase. It’s more cost-effective. The helicopter ride to the base is intense. The descent is 15-minutes in length and places you in immediate contact with the canyon’s extreme cliffs and twisted rock structures. The exposed rock signifies four eras of geological time, making it the oldest exposed material on the Earth’s surface. Helicopters land on exclusive landing pads. Here, you’ll deplane and revel in a Champagne toast under a genuine Indian Ramada. Next, go and check out surrounding area as well as the nearby Colorado River. The marketplace for West Rim helicopter tours is .petitive – shop for best deals. Should you book using the internet, be ready to save up to 35 %. Total round-trip time is four hours and incorporates hotel shuttle to-and-from hotel shuttle service and lunch. There are other activities which you can add to your trip, like horseback riding, ATV trail riding, Hummer 4×4 tours and kayaking. Total trip time 4 hours. Packages begin between $235 and $335. The South Rim All helicopter tours start from Grand Canyon Airport in Tusayan, a town 10 mins from the Park’s main entrance. From Phoenix and Sedona, it’s a two-hour and four-hour drive, respectively. From Las Vegas, you must reserve an air-ground package, which is done onboard a fixed-wing Vistaliner aircraft and takes 45 minutes. Upon arriving at the rim, you will switch to a helicopter and head out above the Kaibab Plateau until you reach the Dragoon Corridor, the widest, deepest area of the canyon. Other landmarks include Temple Butte, the Zuni Corridor, the North Rim, and the Painted Desert. The Vegas package .es with ground transfer to the South Rim, where you will spend several hours checking out the Park, including the restaurants and gift shops at Grand Canyon Village. The South Rim is the place where the most famous pictures and images of the canyon are shot. Chopper trips last approximately 40 minutes. Total Vegas trip time, including helicopter flight and coach transfer to Grand Canyon Village, is six hours, and .es with hotel pick up and drop off and lunch. South Rim heli trips begin at $135 a person. The Vegas package starts off at $360 per person. Let’s Go! The Grand Canyon is 190 miles long and en.passes more than 1,900 square miles. On foot, you’ll see 45 miles of canyon – flying, 140 miles (even more if you fly from Las Vegas to the South Rim). If you really want to experience the canyon, flying is option number one. Next up: Choosing between the West Rim and the South Rim. The West Rim is packed with things to do, and it is close to Las Vegas. The South Rim boasts the best viewpoints, trails, and guest facilities. The 3 top tour operators – Papillon, Maverick, and Sundance – offer helicopter and air-helicopter-ground excursions to both rims, varying in price from $135 per person to $360 per person. For the best deals, always book online. Now, with this information in mind, you are cleared for take off. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: